Pet Obesity: 77-Lb. Dachshund Named ‘Obie’ Loses 54 Pounds & Shares His Secrets

A picture of Obie from his Facebook page
A picture of Obie from his Facebook page

*In 2012, “Obie” –  a Dachshund who suffered from morbid obesity – had been turned over to a rescue. He had literally been almost “loved to death” by the elderly humans who cared for him, and apparently allowed him to eat any and every thing, with no exercise; causing him to balloon to an unhealthy 55-pounds overweight.

Obie came to the attention of certified veterinary technician, Nora Vanatta, after Pet360 did a story on him in 2012. Following a custody dispute, which Vanatta won and thereafter became Obie’s forever dog mom, she took on the extreme challenge of helping Obie lose 54 pounds and returned him to his optimal size.

Now the cute 7-year-old Dachshund has maintained his healthy weight for a year (it took him nearly a year to shed the extra weight) and no one could be happier than his fans on social media.

His Facebook page has over 303,000 fans.

Obie when he was 77 pounds.
Obie when he was 77 pounds.

Obie is an inspiration to other animals and humans too. He has demonstrated how pets and people can take on a healthy regimen and stay at their goals. Obie is now able to run and play, take long walks on the beach with his two canine siblings and is enjoying a full, healthy life.

“Obie is doing amazing, he is healthy and happy with minimal lasting effects of being obese,” Vanatta told

“He has possible arthritis and lacks the muscle tone of a never-obese-dog, but he’s doing great otherwise.”

Obie only underwent one very necessary surgical procedure to help him and that was to remove excess skin that was becoming infected. “This was a necessary surgery and was not done for cosmetic reasons,” Vanatta wrote on Obie’s Facebook page at the time.

To learn how Obie and Vanatta are spreading the word on living healthy, visit Yahoo Shine here.

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