Insulting Meme About Black Weave-Wearing Women Buying Hair From Koreans…Suspicious!

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*Seems somebody has drank a major dose of hateraide.

In what appears to be a particularly mean-spirited social media meme, a poster has resurfaced (it has been around the block before) showing a Korean family dissing black women via a “Thank you,” for spending money on fake hair at their stores instead of sending black children to “the best colleges.”

I must agree. Black women do spend millions of dollars a year to get that hair. Many times they are probably buying that hair with rent money, food money, and yes, maybe even college money.

Yes, there are black women who will make sure that hair is tight, before doing a lot of things of a seemingly more responsible nature.

But here’s the thing that makes this whole thing just a tad suspicious.

Are black women the only women that Koreans sell hair to? And why is there an assumption that black women have insecurities and lack racial pride just because they buy hair? Do the “Koreans” feel the same way about the white women that wear weaves, too? Hispanic women? And even some Asian women?

According to The the “family portrait” poster above appears to have been created sometime last year, but resurfaced on their social media newsfeed recently – along with a reminder of a seemingly timeless theme: the stereotype-based shaming of black women for choices that don’t harm anyone and, really, aren’t anyone else’s business.

The article states that the meme essentially says that black women wear weaves because they have a poor self-image, and the Korean-American owners of the places they shop encourage this alleged dysfunction so that they can cash in.

Well, I don’t know if Koreans “encourage” this behavior. If the demand wasn’t there, there would be no supply. Because it is so lucrative to their business, they certainly don’t “discourage” it.

Of course the role of Korean businesses in predominantly African-American neighborhoods has been the subject of research and analysis for a long time (even without the pictures and mean-spirited accusations).

And yes, I agree that social media is a vehicle often overused by those who aim to regurgitate their personal hateraid and frustrations with black women and their behavior while not using critical thinking in the equation.

But here’s the thing that I am sure many black weave-wearing woman will find funny as hell. Here you have a group of mainly undocumented immigrants who barely speak English; saved up all of their hard earned money to leave their country and come to America. Immigrants who most likely live well-under the radar; and who have proven time and again that they will do anything — including marry outside of their race — to ensure they will not be sent back to their home country.

Are you sure you want to broach the ‘racial pride’ thing?

Somehow, me thinks you might want to stay in your own lane on this one, and leave the gettin’ cute to those who don’t need a Green card.

And of course the thought doesn’t escape us that Koreans may have absolutely nothing to do with this whole thing. It may very well  have been propagated by a man who has issues with how black women choose to wear their hair and/or spend their money.

After all, think about it: Why would any business owner who thrives on a certain target audience, turn around and attempt to insult them?

Just a thought? I welcome your opinions.

One thought on “Insulting Meme About Black Weave-Wearing Women Buying Hair From Koreans…Suspicious!”

  1. The stupidity, the folly and the reprobate mannerisms of the modern day western black woman are simply beyond bounds and belief at this point. Without fail she will always have a convenient excuse to hand to justify all of her outlandish, ridiculous, belligerent, violent and childish behaviours, the wearing of weaves is no different.

    For the dunces who still cannot make the connection between weaves and racial pride, I will break it down for you in its simplest form. Racial pride is about presenting the different aspects of your people and your culture to the rest of the world in their NATURAL, ORIGINAL AND UNCHANGED FORMS. What exactly is natural and original about European hair on a black woman?

    So, the lack of racial pride is in the covering up of your own natural hair using the hair from European/Indian/Brazillian women, hair that has nothing to do with you and most certainly looks nothing like your own. This is simply an act of self hatred hands down, black women really have no viable excuses for the wearing of weaves, therefore instead they have manufactured the most dumbest, nonsensical and outlandish excuses to date and simply run with them.

    The points given in the article that were supposed to have “killed the argument” are so retarded and backwards that they do not even warrant a response. Of course you average modern day western black woman like the broken record that she is will go on to say “white women do it to”. Really? Where are the white women lining up to purchase Afro weaves and Afro extensions instead of extensions that LOOK LIKE THEIR OWN HAIR? Answers on a postcard please.

    In 2014 the modern day western black woman in general has simply turned herself into a circus clown for the world’s entertainment and amusement, a jester of the court, a laughingstock, an embarrassment, a mockery, a decadent slob and a disgrace to the black nation.

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