According to One Newspaper Headline, Obama Is ‘The N*gger In The White House’

Obama, That N-word in the white house

*Nope, the newspaper that refers to the current president by a racial slur is not in the deep south. It’s right in New York City, servicing a population on the Lower West Side.

“The N*gger in the White House” is the headline for an article recently published in the WestView News.

The racially-charged headline heads an opinion piece about President Obama and was written by author and journalist James Lincoln Collier.

How’s that for a head turner? Now for the real story.

In the best show of, a journalist gotta-do, what a journalist gotta do – Collier intentionally wrote the headline because he knew it would get your attention. The journalist actually writes in support of president Obama in the article; and blasts far-right voters who “hate Obama because he is black.”

“The simple truth is that there is still in America an irreducible measure of racism,” Collier writes.

“America’s increasing tolerance of far-right opinion has made racism more acceptable,” he adds.

However, many readers rightfully acknowledged the real intent behind the headline; calling it a cheap and vulgar way to bring shock value to a story and criticized the author and editor for publishing such an offensive headline.

But this begs the question…Is this an article you would have read, had the title not been shocking?

In a statement released by the publication’s editor/publisher George Capsis, Collier “wanted to use the word” to “shock us into accepting that there are people who believe and use this outrageous word,” according to the New York Post.

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