National Action Network Wants CHP Officer That Punched Woman, ‘Fired!’


*The L. A. chapter of the National Action Network is calling for L. A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacy to criminally prosecute the unidentified California Highway patrol officer for excessive use of force against an African American female who has refused to give her name to police.

She was stopped by the officer for walking near the freeway ramp. And then viciously attacked by the officer who was videotaped beating the woman by a passing motorist.

“This officer brutally beat an unarmed woman in an unprovoked attack . He’s seen on videotape landing several punches to her face and head as if he is fighting in a UFC fight. This type of police brutality is inexcusable. We’re calling for this officer to be criminally charged by the District Attorney and fired ” stated Najee Ali, political director of the National Action Network.

“Our organization is outraged by this officer’s actions. We have contacted our national president Rev Al Sharpton and he has indicated that he is in full support of our leadership and call for this officer to be fired and prosecuted” stated Rev. K. W. Tulloss, president of the L.A. Chapter of the National Action Network.

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14 thoughts on “National Action Network Wants CHP Officer That Punched Woman, ‘Fired!’”

  1. I don’t agree with the beating at all but when you resist arrest you then give the police the right to use whatever force they deem necessary. From the video I think he went way overboard.

    You don’t walk on the ramp of the freeway. If he would have allowed her to continue and she got injured or killed then he would have been at fault. It took 2 officers to handcuff her. What was she on? What was the poor lady thinking? You cannot win against the police.

  2. Gerald,
    Brother, are you serious!!! My son is a federal agent, and if they caught HIM on tape doing that to a MAN a brutal criminal assault – period. There’s not but to it. Yes, the sister shouldn’t have been walking on the side of the freeway, but as of my last reading of the law, the law doesn’t prescribe a brutal beating in response. And further, if she had been a White woman, I guarantee you, he would have handled it differently.
    So I hope his ass is fired, his neighbors shun him, he’s charged, convicted, and jailed, and his wife finds a boyfriend while he’s in there.

  3. Eric, as I said, yes I think he went wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overboard with the beating but it actually took 2 police officers to handcuff her. Two officers to handcuff a lady?

    I’d definitely like to find out more facts. I’ve been duped too many times before by videos. I think the entire episode warrants a FULL REVIEW and if he is guilty of excessive force then so be it.

    The fact that she was walking on the ramp of a freeway makes me ask the simple question: Why?

    If she was on drugs on mentality deficient and he would have used a Taser on her would that have been better?

    So when we find out the “why” of it maybe that will shed more light on her physical and mental disposition at the time of the incident.

    From the looks of it the officer was out of line but let’s get ALL the facts first and then render a judgment.

    Is there anything wrong with wanting to get ALL the facts first?

  4. @Gerald, Anyone in their right mind can see something was mentally wrong with this woman, however does this requires a beat down like she’s a threat to the cop that brutally beat her like she was a threat to him? She walked away from the skin head racist pig. And for you to assume drugs is the reason ? states that you too as a person steorotype people of color, shame on you and you should be even more so shameful if you’re a person of color. Justifying a racist pig cop was in his right to handle an unarmed female of no threat to him or anyone else, that he had the right to punch this female 15 times in the head who is most likely a deranged homeless person. Shame on the cop for treating a defense – less person in this matter and shame on you for not defending this female for what happened to her and taking the side of this monster cop who is suppose to protect and serve, who in this case demonstrated as a common thug against the defense-less. Again, to the people in civil rights struggle and we fight daily for our rights protection, pay attention to those negroes that are not in the fight, they’re the enemies and enablers to racist cops against us in the fight to maintain civil rights given to us by those with courage, whom gave their blood and we’re killed so cops like this racist wouldn’t at the drop of hat could do such a thing known as Jim crow and get away with it. We are not going back to those times and era, although ,there are those who are trying to legislate laws as such, to take your voting rights away, next will be your civil rights, which will mean cops can beat you down in the street and make up a story Justifying one’s beat down, is this where the black community head? You bet your black a&&, the days of Jim crow heading your way, unless, we keep our eyes on the prize, if not more black sons shot down in the streets by white male cops and our women beat down in the streets like the azu professor and a mentally woman beaten of no threat to racist cop who beat her anyway because he simply could and make up a story.

  5. Jay, I did not assume drugs, I was stating that there could be a possibility of that given that drugs have played a large part in violation of laws. Can you say this is NOT the case?

    I also stated that I think he used excessive force.

    I agree with Naget Rutledge on the matter of any altercation between people:

    “it’s within each of our individual responsibility to respond to threats with neutralization in mind and doing the least harm possible”.

    This did not seem to be the officers response, however, let’s get all the facts first before we pronounce a guilty sentence on someone. What is wrong with that?

    You assumed that the police officer is racist yet you questioned me for stating that it could be a possibility that the lady could have been on drugs (strong medication even), “hypocracy” at it’s worse. SMH

  6. Gerard, please can you just STFU up for mankind! You uncle tom sob! Imagined that to me your grandmother or aunt, or even mother or daughter!

  7. Gerald,

    I agree with Jay. What other facts are there, other facts that they’re going to try to dig up to smear this lady. We saw the video from beginning to end. So you’re position seems to be, “Let’s us not believe our lying eyes.” That lady is a GREAT grandmother, and I’m completely confident that if she had been a member of your family your attitude wouldn’t be nearly so “objective.”
    Man, your position on this matter is an insult to our intelligence. Like I said before, that cop is guilty of criminal assault – period. So sitting there at your computer trying to sound like you’re superintendent of the scales of justice is an insult to the intelligence of anybody with eyeballs. If I was that lady’s attorney you would be the very FIRST one I would kick of the jury, unless there was somebody sittin’ there in a sheet.
    I’m a very objective person, and as I mentioned above, my son is a federal agent, so I don’t hate cops. In addition, I’m far from the kind of person who looks for racism under every rock, but I know it when I see it. If that would have been a White woman, that situation would have been handled altogether differently. So wake up, good brother. That “I’m an objective Black man routine” would play real well on “Fox and Friends,” but it’s making you look totally ridiculous in this forum.

  8. You all are judging the policeman on a video presented to you by the “media”. SMDH

    What happened before the recording started? What happened after he stopped recording?

    What do you think would happen if all cases were settled on the videos that the media puts out?

    Please answer this question for me, please.

    As Andrea so elegantly put it: “Imagined that to me your grandmother or aunt, or even mother or daughter was accussed of this”. Wouldn’t you want them to be able to defend their actions?

    If the officer is to be convicted let’s do it RIGHT not by a video from the media.

    Sorry Andrea name calling doesn’t bother me, I’m used to people insulting others when they have no other recourse. Name calling weakens your stance.

    I say the officer is guilty of using excessive force but please let’s get all the facts in first instead of allowing the media, who wants you to read their print, to guide you.

  9. so i’ve on numerous occasions had the deserved misfortion of being subdued by trained law enforcment officers. generally i’ve learned that dirrect resistance is futile but running (which definently qualifies as resistance of arrest) has possabilities and consiquences. i learned all this the hard way from open hostility and violence towards law enforcment in my youth to the more professional stance i took prior to my retirement. as a carrier criminal with multiple prisson terms and uncountable arrests i can say with absolute certainty that the top ten beat downs i recieved from trained professionals where all as result of peacful protests i single handedly wage while incarcerated. even when i was stupid ennough to assualt officers i never got half the beating this women received. mind you i’m 6’6″ 270lbs with 4% body fat can overhead press my weight run a five minute mile and have been in at least 100 street fights most of wich where with maximum security prisoners and/or multiple assailants/victums some with martial arts training none with crazy granny. So how the hell do the CHP think this video which clearly shows force and injury worse than any i’ve experianced as a very real and dangerous threat who was openly combative, is not a criminal act and abuse of authority. I’ve got issues with cops so i’ll leave my oppinnion of them out of this as its jaded to say the least.. i merely want to ask any PEACE officer reading this why they would support by sillently condoning, openly defending or just looking the other way the actions of fellow officers who by gross misconduct are increasing the collective distrust of PEACE officers as well as making criminals more likely to resort to extreme violence to escape arrest, more likely for crazies,domestic terrorists and gang bangers to see cops as a target and disentigrating public trust all of which makes the job more dificult and dangerous. before retiring my professionalism as an outlaw led me to understand that both i and my adversarys where in fact just people doing jobs that had extreme stress factors and risks of the highest level, life death and freedom. many officers commented on how odd it was that after running so hard putting every one at risk, upon capture i would be completly cooperative bussiness like within the protection granted by our fifth ammendment which i’m sure was frustrating but never met with less than respect. i never expected anything less than extreme prejudice which i had coming finding most officers only wished to do their job accasionaly the anger and frustration would earn me a bit more than was required to subdue me but imediatly upon being fully under thier control the worst i would get was super tight restraints and maybe slam into every door jam and threshold along the way. i can also attest to the extremely effieceint methods used to restrain a person without incedent. methods so consistant that it was obviously a universal training priority for every agency. just from my experiance on the recieving end i feel confident that i could cuff the woman in the video and with full control ensure the impossability of her harming me even if armed. back to the point i appreciate the “blue line” policy but once abuse of authority is more than just a slip up its time to throw em on the fire. if i where an officer i’d rallly for the harshest punishment and laws that double or triple that of citizen criminals to reflect the trust instilled in such a position, trust which makes it easy to get away with things like this. personally i find brutality against those who are easy targets is indicitive of sociopathic at best and indicitive of criminal insanity the kind which is often found in the past of serial killers. as a profesional part of the training program should include emotional disconect at least an ager management componate so as to avoid the “taking it personally” like law breakers where specifically trying to insult police by breaking the law. i’ve certainly been guilty of saying anything i could think of to inferiate cops but that was just it i was mad at the symbol not the man almost every off duty cop i’ve ever met was personable even likable but put on auniform and both my view and their manner change. i add this last bit of advice to lady justice, if you wish to promote peace and civil behavior perhaps you should stop recruting ex armed forces personel they have specifically been trained and experianced a modus opporendi which is in dirrect opposition to civil peace keeping and thus ill suited for the job, they do already have fire arm and tactical skills as well as comanding respected demener. but these are things easily learned. i think criminal charges are more than oppropriate. no justice no peace.

  10. I’ve worked 30yrs. with Correctional Officers, Police Officers, and Sheriffs, and I’ve never seen them beat a male or female like this officer. I’ve fought with belligerent females, and males, and restraining them alone is not easy. The alternative is not the beat the crap out of them. That is not, nor will it ever be the prescribed method authorized. I’ve been responsible for retakes on persons unwilling to return to jail and you have to be prepared at all times to expect a violent reaction. Protect yourself and do your job, nothing more, nothing less. If people are intent on killing themselves you will not be able to stop them. But do what you have been trained to do in that situation. If it’s not covered in the book call for a supervisor, that’s what they get paid the big bucks for. I would never require an officer to put his life in danger attempting to singlehandedly restrain an out of control person. Wait for backup and do it right! In thirty years I’ve only come across one incident that four officers could not handle. I determined that any further attempts to restrain the individual would result in serious injury to the officers. At that point the person of interest was warned that if they continued their resistance it would be met with deadly force to stop him. Lucky for me he the fog lifted long enough realized we were serious about the deadly force. These people don’t always have to be on drugs, they could just be overwhelmed by life and looking to escape.. Some are trying to get you to help them escape this life. My point is, prepare for the worse and hope for the best. And above all keep your cool. ~KAPOW!

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