Black Female Arizona State Professor Seen Being ‘Man-Handled’ By White Officer (Watch)

Arizona state professor

*Increasingly, we are shown evidence that suggests authorities of the Caucasian race become quite heavy-handed when it comes to apprehending black women. Now an example of this comes out of Arizona, where a disturbing video was released on Saturday by 3TV showing  an encounter between an African American female who turns out to be an  Arizona State professor and a white campus police officer.

The woman, named Ersula Ore, was attempting to cross a street on the college campus that was obstructed by construction work; when she was stopped by campus officer Stewart Ferrin, the TV station cites from a police report.

“The reason I’m talking to you right now is because you are walking in the middle of the street,” the officer is heard saying in the video. But the conversation shifted towards nasty after the officer demanded to see Ore’s ID, saying she would be arrested if she failed to produce it. Additionally, Ore is heard telling the officer not to speak to her with such disrespect.

The incident was captured by a police car video recorder, or Dashcam.

“I never once saw a single solitary individual get pulled over by a cop for walking across a street on a campus, in a campus location,” Ore responds. “Everybody has been doing this because it is all obstructed. That’s the reason why. But you stop me in the middle of the street to pull me over and ask me, ‘Do you know what this is? This is a street.’ ”

“Are you aware that this is a street?” Ferrin asks.

“Let me finish,” Ore says.

“OK, put your hands behind your back,” Ferrin says.

“Don’t touch me,” Ore says. “Get your hands off me.”

The situation continued to escalate until Ore ended up on the ground. She was charged with resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer and other crimes, the report says.

Watch the video below and go to 3TV to read more.

23 thoughts on “Black Female Arizona State Professor Seen Being ‘Man-Handled’ By White Officer (Watch)”

  1. Professor Ersula Ore’s inhuman treatment by the campus police was not only HARSH but totally out of line, unjustified, as well as, disrespectful and racist! No woman (no matter the race she is) should EVER be treated in the manor Professor Ore was handled. Her arrest and wrongful treatment was clearly based on the officers inability to see the Professor as a human being because she was a black woman — therefore, they handled the situation as if they were KKK’s in the Jim Crow Era. Lastly, for Arizona State University to release a statement condoning what these unprofessional and reckless campus officers did to Professor Ore is outrageous and equally as racist. Students and staff of color BEWARE of working and/or attending ASU because clearly this University does not have a policy that celebrats diversity. Professor Ore only exercised her civil right to challenge the officer and check mate his rude and racist approach to not man-handle her as if she was an animal. As the noted Bell Hooks quoted “I will not have my life narrowed down. I will not bow down to somebody else’s whim or to someone else’s ignorance.”

  2. Why is anyone surprised of this? This type of disrespect and harrassment has been happening as such since the days of JIM CROW ans before , plus this is a tea party state (AZ) and tea party justice is against minorities no mattere whom they are ans what they’re doinging and it doesn’t matter how many letters you have behind your name, a doctor, professor and even the president (remember the GOV pointing her finger at the president?). This officer wasn’t even trying to listen to this EDUCATED woman.. she was targeted and this officer is looking for a star for bringing for what he thought was a negro female that was to uppity as far as he was concerned.. he has nothing else better to do but throw this woman to the ground anr try to search he should have not first of all arrested her, he could have warned her and let her go but NOPE he’s a PIG like the rest of the tea party pigs..she needs good lawyer and not just any lawyer, a civil rights lawyer to take her case..if she thinks this white woman as her lawyers has an invested interest on her behalf upon her civil rights being violated?? Think again.. these racist are all in it together when it comes to their own-especially in tea party states… any minority will do.. just as long as these tea party pigs arrest one…

  3. Every time I have been stopped by police and asked to show my ID, I’ve shown my Id. Easy peasy. What was her problem with just whipping out her ID when asked? I don’t get it.

  4. What was wrong with the officer asking Professor Ore to show ID? The answer is simple…. Professor Ore as a citizen of the United States of America — and as a citizen — she can walk any street and/or sidewalk in America unless clearly posted by visable signs that it is forbidden! Also, the professor was not committing a crimminal act nor was she threating or acting in a suspicious manner to be subjected to such treatment. After Ms. Ore told the campus officers that she is a professor at ASU, they should of gave her an apology instead of an arrest! Instead they profiled her wrongly based on the color of her skin… She had every right to demand that they treat her with respect and not violate her civil rights which she is entitled to. People of color are no longer on plantations carrying owership papers via masters or an overseers. Therefore, we as African Americans do not have to prove anything at the whim of racist cops and/or entertain their rude behavior. They did not show their ID or call the University’s switch board to comfirm her identity through their supervisor.

  5. Sooooo, instead of just showing the ID, and using the dash cam to show wrongdoing on the part of the cop, she decides to break the law by refusing to produce ID. She said construction made it difficult to walk on the sidewalk. Why didn’t she just show ID, give her reason for walking in the street, instead of provoking a scene by refusing to produce ID, and then screaming and hollering when she realized that the situation had gotten way out of hand. I’d be willing to bet my forty acres and a mule that she probably wouldn’t even have gotten a ticket. And if there was any mistreatment on the part of the officer, it was on camera. Instead, she compounds the first offense with even more serious ones. Resisting arrest and assault. Is”trying to show whitey you ain’t gone disrespect me” worth it? The fact is, this officer did nothing wrong. She broke the law because she wanted to prove a point. It’s like getting t-boned by a car running a red light because you refuse to be disrespected by having to stop at the green light, even though you have the right of way. You may have had the right of way, but is proving your point worth losing your life? This case is even more pointless, because all the officer did was ask for ID. So simple.

  6. What’s so SIMPLE — try to wrap your mind around the following wisdom and perhaps you will understand why it was “okay” for Professor Ore to challenge the request of the offensive, racist and disrespectful officer when asking for her ID! “The ultimate measure of a man/woman is not where he/she stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he/she stands in times of challenge and controversy. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.” Regrettably, far too many people of color have died and sacraficed their lives so to afford the generations of African Americans of past and today — the right to walk America’s streets in peace and be protected equally against unjust bigotry, wrongfully singled out and/or having to surrender to the evil stain of racism. Professor Ore’s graceful objection to her attackers is following in the same footsteps of others who demanded to be respected and not be judge by the color of her skin… Sadly, the offers believed they were above the law and at a moments notice appointed themselves jury, judge, antagonists, slam assailants and/or potential executioners of a black woman who also was a staff professor at ASU, as well as, a child of God who did NOT deserve to be treated like an animal. I applaud Professor Ore for her strength and courage to demand why the officer asked for her ID in the first place. I would have did exactly the same as she….and follow with filing the biggest law suit not only with the officers but with the university as well! “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere!”

  7. What a bunch of crap. There is a way to do everything. And breaking the law is no way to prove a point. The only thing that will accomplish is getting you arrested. The second she refused to show her ID, she broke the law, which opened the door for the cop to arrest her. The minute she resisted being arrested, which the officer was fully authorized to do, she opened the door for a take down. The minute she kicked the officer, she caught an assault charge. All that, just because she didn’t like being asked for ID? On the bright side, she can use this video in her class as a lesson on what not to do when a cop asks for a look at your ID. Injustice my ass. More like misplaced indignation. “I am a professor!” “Do you see what I’m wearing?” Outrageous.

  8. @Kay: Wake up and smell the coffee and stop dunking stale donut rhetoric… Obviously, there are people likeself who can’t get past the “crap” that racism only stirs and dictates whereas, truth is far from your vocabulary, capacity, vision and/or understanding. Sadly, you seem to take the tone of a true reflection of a racist KKK Grand Dragon of the 21st Century…. smish! Show me the law that says an ID must be shown to a policeman who barks an order to a person without having prior “major and reasonable” probable just cause to even request an ID; especially to a female who really wasn’t doing anything except walking down the street nor was the Professor threatening in any way and clearly her appearance was not of a gang member, she wasn’t defacing property — she was’t intoxicated or wailing a weapon… she wasn’t stopping or interfering with traffic… All that Professor Ore was doing was just walking down a street with some construction present in the mist of little or NO traffic minding her own business until she was approached, harassed, disrespected and brutally throw down without mercy on hard concrete as if she was an animal and/or man by Barney of Mayberry the KKK campus “Cop” who obviously was on a Klansmen hunt using his authority to body slam a black woman who spoke English better than he could!!! His actions on cam clearly shows who was out of order — the racist cop! In this nation — regrettably, many police (not all) have a long history, bad record and reputation of dealing with people of color wrongfully without just cause and broken laws against humanity when they use unreasonable force and wrongfully beat, kill and profile people. Police take an oath to protect and serve the people and communities where employed and serve (all citizens , no matter race, age, gender). There are NOT suppose to use their authority to terriorize defenseless women as seen on cam with Professor Ore! Yesterday, I placed a call to Arizona State University Office of the President and expressed how disappointed I was in the way the campus police treated Professor Ore and asked why did they take the position to NOT support their staff member without an investigation? Their response was a “no response” and slammed the phone in the simular manned the poluce slammed Professor Ore”…. ASU clearly has serious issues when they cannot in a profession manor answer simple questions concerning the incident with Professor Ore.

  9. There was a definite reason why you got no response from the University president’s office. But obviously, my trying to explain it to you will be a waste of time. The way you were trying to waste theirs. I’m not of the KKK persuasion, or any other racially divisive group. I just don’t cut for wrong. No matter what the color.

  10. reasonable is the key word, I’m afraid – what reason did he have for requesting the ID? – if it’s obvious that the sidewalks are inaccessible, as is reported in the article, then looks like it’s business as usual, a renegade white cop being nasty to a Black female; I don’t think he would have cared if she was Michelle Obama – if she was jaywalking but not obstructing traffic in any way, along with the sidewalks being inaccessible, there’s no probable cause; clearly she’s not being disorderly, so this so-called ‘officer’ was out of order, and I don’t need a law degree to call this one — I would not have been inclined to show my ID either, in this instance — due to the location of the incident, there’s a better chance the so-called ‘officer’ gets away with his actions, although I’d rather see the professor sue the pants off of him and the University and subsequently take her educational offerings to a place more deserving – We cannot afford to pretend that racism ended with the inauguration of the first Black president …

  11. If she sues, the only one who will be out of any money will be her. If everyone who jaywalked were only detained because of obstructing traffic, the streets would be littered with bodies. The law is designed to prevent obstruction and death. It’s true that the cop did not HAVE to stop her, but once he did, she was obligated by law to identify herself. I’ve been stopped for jaywalking twice. Both times, there was no traffic, but once I was stopped, I showed my ID. Got a ticket on one and a warning on the other. But what I did not do was get into a pissing match with a cop after I had broken the law. If I have to follow the law, why does she get a free pass? Because she’s a professor and wearing a short dress? Right is right and I don’t cut for wrong, no matter the color of the individual.

  12. The illiterate, overzealous and racist officer broke the law when he profiled and stopped the professor because she was a black wonan therefore, strike one for the officer — he broke the law. Secondly, when he asked for the profrssor’s ID without reasonable just cause (for she had not broken any law prior to the officer approaching her). When the ignorant officer boby slammed the professor using excessive force, again, the officer broke the law again….for he violated the professors civil rights to abuse her when she wasn’t a threat to him or anyone. In closing, the officer was breaking laws however, he did not get body slammed nor arrested…. Whoever uses the weak excuse saying “the professor should of given her ID when asked”… they’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer…. 🙂

  13. The first law she broke was jaywalking. The second law was not identifying herself when asked. Now, he just may be illiterate (that one is a reach,) overzealous and racist. And he just may have profiled her, but we’ll never know since he had probable cause to stop her for jaywalking. Per Texas law, you are required by law to produce ID when asked by an officer once you have been detained. Anyone who thinks the officer broke all kinds of laws is definitely not the brightest star in the sky.

  14. Wow, some people are perpetually stuck on stupid forevermore….regrettably! Ignorance is an equal opportunity assailant apparently and the denial of the reality — that racism does not exists and/or the shallow think we live in a colorblind society and that lawforcement in the US does not engage in profiling or abuse, violate others civil rights or break laws is poppycock!

    The Reality of Racial Profiling is regrettably happening and the U.S. Supreme Court has held that racial profiling violates the constitutional requirement that all persons be accorded equal protection of the law. The “Guidance Regarding the Use of Race By Federal Law Enforcement Agencies” that was issued by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2003 and states:

    “Racial profiling” at its core concerns the invidious use of race or ethnicity as a criterion in conducting stops, searches and other law enforcement investigative procedures. It is premised on the erroneous assumption that any particular individual of one race or ethnicity is more likely to engage in misconduct than any particular individual of another race or ethnicity.

    Racial profiling in law enforcement is not merely wrong, but also ineffective. Race-based assumptions in law enforcement perpetuate negative racial stereotypes that are harmful to our rich and diverse democracy, and materially impair our efforts to maintain a fair and just society.

    Notwithstanding the fact that racial profiling is unconstitutional, and despite the emphatic declaration from the federal government that the practice is “invidious,” “wrong,” “ineffective,” and “harmful to our rich and diverse democracy,” quantitative and qualitative evidence collected at the federal, state, and local levels confirms that racial profiling persists. Moreover, as the evidence also shows, racial profiling is often encouraged by misguided federal programs and policies that incentivize law enforcement authorities to engage in the practice….

  15. I honestly don’t know how to make it any clearer to you. Racial profiling is unlawful. It’s also a moot point in this instance, because he had reason to stop her. Had she not been jaywalking and he stopped her, then the charge of profiling could be made. But since he stopped her for committing an admittedly minor offence, you can accuse him of profiling all day long. And it won’t matter because by jaywalking down the middle of a street, she gave him cause to stop her. Simple.

  16. They had been watching her and waiting for the opportunity to do this.

  17. Remember Congressperson McKinney. They knew who she was and these employees of ASU knew who this Professor was when they approached her.

  18. @ Time to Boycott Everything for one week — YES, I am in FULL AGREEMENT with your comment “Remember Congressperson McKinney. They knew who she was and these employees of ASU knew who this Professor was when they approached her…”

    Regrettably, they are people who think this wrongful incident was all about “Jaywalking and/or not showing ID” — and take the side of the officer who clearly as seen in video — was out of control and have no doubt that he indeed was profiling the professor and knew that she was a staff member at ASU prior to attacking her!

    YES, Boycott ASU!!!!

  19. @DeLin- Boycott not just ASU, but coffee in the morning, buying lunch, purchasing gas, listening to radio, television, internet, cable—only purchase what is absolutely necessary for one week in response to: 1. the reversal of Brown v Board; 2. Gutted provisions of the Voters’ Rights Act; 3. the Hobby Lobby decision; 4. Papers please legislation(remember South Africa); 5. failure to allow students/graduates to re-finance their educational loans; 6. Attacks on LGBT rights… and other nods to regressive, racist, sexist and bigoted ideologies that are being presented as the norm today.

  20. Dr. Ossie Davis, during an interview, indicated that when there was talk of a television Black/Brown out in N.Y. for a finite period of time, there were phone calls placed from the “powers that be”, asking Dr. Davis and others who were spearheading the effort “What do you want?” Because—“The clubhouse men of the world are always watching”.- (credited to H. Mackay as having said)

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