Woo Hoo! ‘Transformers 4’ Annihilates Box Office With $100M Debut Weekend


Apologies seem to be in order to my fellow critics, many of whom apparently saw something different on the screen than I (a first-time Transformers viewer) when they came out with their wicked reviews of “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Based on the opening weekend box office, with $100 million speaking loud and clear, audiences seem to agree with me: Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Age of Extinction” is one kick-ass movie!

And according to Entertainment Weekly weekend box office reports, that’s only speaking domestically.

Moviegoers are said to have been mainly male (64 percent); and they didn’t seem to care that the film exceeded the two hour mark by an additional 45-minutes.

This remarkable debut should also make T4 newcomer and star, Mark Wahlberg, who heads a cast of newcomers, very proud too.

The film – which cost over $200 million to make – appears to have made its money back already if you include its international take.

A report in EW says, T4 earned a staggering $201.3 million from 37 territories, or 10,152 locations — a 35 percent uplift over Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Early estimates put its China earnings in the $90 million range, which is the best opening ever for a foreign film there. The 150 IMAX screens also made up a huge part of the weekend earnings accounting for a record-breaking $10 million (Note: In the U.S. IMAX screens accounted for $10.7 million over debut weekend). It’s also the biggest opening of all time in Hong Kong and Indonesia and the second biggest opening of all time in Russia.

Whether Transformers 4 stays in the lead in the weeks to come remains to be seen; but the film is already in profit-mode so anything else is pure gravy anyway. No doubt, this showing in the film’s franchise already has itchy palms eye-balling the next installment.

You’ll get no argument here.

Transformers 4 cast: (Background) Jason Reynor, (Middle) Nicola Peltz, and Mark Wahlberg (Front)
Transformers 4 cast: (Background) Jason Reynor, (Middle) Nicola Peltz, and Mark Wahlberg (Front)


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