Grandma of Missing Boy Mysteriously Found in Basement Speaks Out


*How weird. A child goes missing for nearly two weeks, only to be found alive in the basement of his home.

The good part, he was found alive. The weird part, he was at home. And what is still questionable, according to investigators is, that may not have always been the case.

Nevertheless, while over-the-top controversial TV news commentator, Nancy Grace, may arch her brow in disbelief of the Michigan father who appeared shocked when he learned – on her show – that his 12-year-old son had been found alive in the basement of their home, there is at least one person that has no doubt whatsoever about the man or his story: his mother – who says her son is not a suspect in her grandchild’s disappearance.

Charlie Bothuell had been missing since June 14. According to his dad, Charlie Bothuell IV, he was last seen at his home; where he was working out before he stopped to go to the bathroom and never came back.

But late Wednesday, police found the kid in a small hiding space in his father’s basement, and the boy reportedly had a meal of fresh chicken, cereal and Gatorade nearby.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the youngster – who they claim was excited to see police – was found by investigators barricaded behind boxes. He added that, in his opinion, it would have been unlikely that Charlie built the barricade with a five-gallon drum himself.

He said he would not rule out the possibility that his parents knew Bothuell was hidden in the basement and noted that several searches of the home turned up nothing.

Craig, not unlike what the father told Nancy Grace, said the townhouse was searched multiple times with a cadaver dog without finding evidence the boy was hiding. He also said investigators are not certain if the boy had been in the basement the entire time he was missing.

Charlie Bothuell, Jr.
Charlie Bothuell, 12

“I didn’t know,” Botheull’s father, Charles Botheull IV, said about his son’s location after he was found Wednesday afternoon.

He called assertions that his wife, the boy’s stepmother, hid the child in the basement “absurd.”

“My wife wouldn’t do that,” he said.

Police removed Charlie Botheull from the house and he hasn’t yet had contact with his parents. He will stay with police overnight and undergo a medical evaluation. He won’t see his parents until the morning, at least.

“He needs a whole lot of help at this point,” said the elder Botheull about his son’s future.

Raise your hand if this leaves you with more questions than answers. One: what is the kid saying (though he may be too scared to talk)? Two, based on the theory that the parents may have known their son’s whereabouts the entire time, why did they do this? To what end?

Your thoughts?

Read more at Click On Detroit here and see the WDIV4 news report below.

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