Just Call It ‘Columbusing’ – When White People Claim They Discovered Something They Really Didn’t


*Oh they’re really not going to like this, but dear white people, its all in fun.

“Columbusing” is the term cultivated for the ridiculous notion that you actually discovered something that has been around for quite some time.

Damn, come to think of it, that’s just about everything that existed LONG before you came to appreciate it. For example, rock & roll, twerking, even a country called America.

And what do we have to thank for coming up with this inventive term? A hilarious sketch from CollegeHumor.

Elvis did NOT invent rock n roll — but a lot of white people still think he did – a perfect example of something being “Columbused.”

Get it? We thought you would.

Need more examples? Check out the video below.

2 thoughts on “Just Call It ‘Columbusing’ – When White People Claim They Discovered Something They Really Didn’t”

  1. I’m white and not offended at all…in fact I agree 100%. People of color have made huge contributions in history, way more important than rock n roll (inventions and political wide scale changes etc) that IMO are not well known or even unknown, simply because (sadly) it is those in power who write the history books (history books should always be read with skepticism, as those who recorded the history and those who wrote the books wrote in a biased manner). This is true not only in the good ‘old USA but all over the world. I think it is also important for people to remember that while many contributions/ inventions of women and minorities do exist, one of the main reasons why there aren’t more are because of the opportunities available for them at a certain time in history (not being allowed an education, or even when they did invent and present an idea it was stolen by a white man and presented as his or his organization’s original idea….I am sure this has happened countless times and we will probably never know exactly where or who the ideas/inventions truly came from).
    Very important discussion… I know as a young girl I mistakenly assumed boys were smarter because they “invented everything”. I assume this thinking can happen in a young person of color’s mind too. Very important to teach that brilliance and genius exists in many, regardless of gender or color….but politics and societal constraints mean those bright stars are never recorded in the history books.

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