Tragic Accident: 2-Year-Old Boy Kills Mom With Gun He Found On Couch


*If ever there was a reason to reconsider having a gun in your home, especially if you have a young child, this is it.

A 33-year-old Florida woman was shot and killed by her 2-year-old son in 2011, and prosecutors have called it a tragic accident, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Julia Bennett lost her life in April 2011, when she was reportedly struck in the left side of the back after her son fired a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun he found wedged between sofa cushions in their Miramar, Fla., apartment, the report says.

Apparently, the weapon had been placed there by its owner, Hewart Bailey, the child’s father, the report says.

Prior to the shooting, Bailey had removed the magazine from the gun before stuffing it between the cushions in the living-room sofa, assistant State Attorney Gregg Rossman wrote in a recent memo, the Sentinel says.

“Although mistaken, he believed he had cleared and unloaded the firearm by racking the slide and then removing the magazine,” Rossman wrote in the memo. “Tragically, he did those things in the wrong order,” apparently leaving a bullet in the chamber, the report says.

When the father saw the child had found the gun and was holding it he lunged at him, according to the report, and “attempted to grab the weapon from him only to have it go off,” the Sentinel writes.

Julia Bennett, Police Handout
Julia Bennett, Police Handout

“None of these actions would rise to the level of culpable negligence necessary to charge manslaughter,” the memo said.

Bailey, prosecutors say, had a concealed-weapon permit and had been Bennett’s boyfriend for five years. Prosecutors said that police found Bailey to be cooperative and concerned about Bennett’s well-being, the report says.

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