Forbes Business Writer Says Value of American Slavery Reparations ‘Around About Nothing’

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*According to an article written by contributor, Tim Worstall, “if” any reparations should be paid to blacks for American slavery, the amount would be zilch.

Apparently, in his estimation, there is absolutely no value to be placed on stealing the culture of an entire race of people, a limitless amount of free labor, inhumane treatment beyond comprehension just because…a loss of community that has yet to be re-established and the result of all of this: the economic impact it has had on creating some of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Worstall even looks like he knows he’s fixin’ to start some ish.

Tim Worstall
Tim Worstall

The article is entitled, “If There Should Be Reparations For American Slavery The Amount Should Be Around About Nothing”…

Worstall writes about business and technology, but you can’t help but wonder if it involves any research because there seems to be some very important content missing from the conclusions he has drawn.

Not only did he disregard the aforementioned sacrifices in his ‘valueless’ claims, he missed a whole lot of years…decades even…as he eclipsed the years that slavery actually existed, and identified these years from 1776-1860.

Thanks to writer Antonio Moore, who took issue with Worstall’s perspective and wrote a response in the Huffington Post, where ThisNThat originally learned about this.

Moore responds…

“In a piece recently written on entitled “If There Should Be Reparations For American Slavery The Amount Should Be Around About Nothing” author Tim Worstall took on the task of assessing the damages for American Slavery and attempted to discuss the reparations due for its existence. In his effort to give an economic analysis of slavery his Forbes piece incorrectly omitted black Americans lost value in culture, family, and community. Worstall also failed to account for a significant amount of history, his piece looked at the years from 1776-1860, when we know slavery and its vestiges lasted so much longer. The dismissive view presented lacked context for the institution’s real economic impact on a nation, and role in the formation of one of the wealthiest countries the world has known.”

Moore  gives concrete examples to support his views and even shows a chart that provides a Timeline of Racism’s Shadow. Read his entire article at The Huffington Post here.

2 thoughts on “Forbes Business Writer Says Value of American Slavery Reparations ‘Around About Nothing’”

  1. The comments by the Forbes writer shows ignorance and the fact that some white people don’t like to confront what they did to African Americans during slavery. They feel that the South
    should have won the Civil War.

    These are the same folks who can’t accept the fact that there is an African American occupying the White House. The So-called ,Tea Party has led this fight and has done irreparable harm by dividing the country as we have never seen before!!


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