BooYah! Elementary Schoolgirl Recruited For B-Ball By University of Miami

Jaden Newman

*At 9-years old, Jaden Newman already has a To-Do-List; and we’re not only talking household chores.

While girls her age are wondering which new outfit their favorite doll is going to wear, or what shade of pink to have daddy paint her room; little Miss Newman was at the University of Miami to take a tour of the school she may one day attend. You see, the women’s basketball coaching staff wants her to keep the Hurricanes in mind when it comes time to make her college choice.

Yep, little Miss has already been recruited to play B-ball at the university level.

Obviously, the girl is good! She has two seasons as a guest on the girls high school varsity team at Downey Christian School, a 300-student private school in Orlando, under her belt. And she is believed to be the youngest girls player ever to get recruited by a Division I program.

In the video below, Newman shows off the official recruiting letter sent to her by The University of Miami.

Jaden’s dad, who also serves as her coach and coach of her B-ball team, tells,

“It did surprise me a little bit. When I first got the call [from Miami assistant coach Derrick Gibbs], I thought it was for my son. I understand why, though, because she has an amazing skill set at 9 years old, and her potential is through the roof.”

Jaden averaged 14.5 points and 7.5 assists per game this past season while playing against teenagers on the aforementioned varsity team. And the 4-foot-7 point guard gained national prominence for her performance, too.

Of course there are those who fear that all of the attention Jaden is getting, and now from a university to boot, will place undue stress on the youngster. But her father, who says he and his wife grew up loving basketball, isn’t concerned with this.

“She’s so level-headed,” Newman said. “She’s on the right path with colleges already looking at her.”

Read more about Jaden and her family at and watch her do her thing on the basketball court in the ABC video directly below.

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