Be Inspired: Check Out What This Woman Does On Her Lunch Hour

Love In Mot

*It feels great to bring a good story out of Chicago, what with all the bad publicity that city has been getting in the media lately.

For many of us, lunch time is not only for grabbing a bite to eat; its for running errands, making phone calls, checking on the kids, making dinner plans and more.

But one woman puts all of that aside one Thursday per week, to do something that she says God put on her heart. And her friends couldn’t be more proud.

Be inspired.

On Thursdays, eating lunch is the last thing on Kasonja Holley’s mind. Instead, she goes right to the sandwich shop and buys 20 boxed lunches to distribute to folks she doesn’t even know – homeless people near her office.

“I knew I needed to be doing something,” she explained to WGN. “I like to feed people so I figured I might as well start there.”

And it doesn’t stop there. Holley also distributes kits of toiletries — toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, toilet paper — along with the lunches, and some of her coworkers also join her to distribute the goods.

Kasonja’s friends are so proud of her. They coined her generosity “Love In Motion,” and she even took on a part time job in addition to her full-time position to keep the project, which was featured on WGN host Marcus Leshock’s “Mr. Brightside” segment on Friday, going.

Three days after the segment aired, Holly raised over $4,800 in donations toward a $6,240 goal — the approximate cost of buying the box lunches for one year.

Read more about Holly’s “pay-it-forward” project at Huntington Post.




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  1. That’s great, she is a very loving unselfish person. I know God is so proud of her.

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