Gimme! Diploma Taken Away From Male Student Who Stripped At Grad Ceremony

Quintin Murphy!
Quintin Murphy!

*Hey, we are all for you doing the celebratory dance following a long four years of bustin’ your butt in high school. You probably really pushed the limits in your senior year, repeating those classes where your grades really sucked; and burning the midnight oil cramming for those finals.

So of course you’re going to go a bit crazy when graduation day comes and they call your name:

Quintin Levon Murphy!

You do a gallant trot up to the front like a proud stallion. Once you reach the stage, you accept your hard-earned diploma and shake the hand of a very studious looking administrator. You turn to acknowledge the cheering audience of your peers and your family.

You’re thinking “Wow! This totally rocks!” Then, in a moment of sheer excitement and joy you…

(Sound of screeching car here)

Take off your clothes?

Uh oh.

Well, once you see the video you’ll realize it didn’t necessarily go down like that.

But Murphy, who is on his way to the University of North Carolina-Pembroke to play football in September, did whip off his purple grad robe and struck a pose that no one will soon forget.

Needless to say, the man calling names was discombobulated!

Wearing only leopard print skivvies, socks and of course, shoes, Murphy is seen raising his hands in the air like he just don’t care…until a uniformed officer came and promptly escorted him from the arena.

quintin l murphy

On the YouTube video you can hear the audience catcalling and cheering him on.

And the speaker trying to regain control of the audience.

Tweets (like the one above) are still rolling in.

An embarrassed Frank Till, superintendent of the Cumberland County School District, said Thursday that Murphy wouldn’t get to keep his diploma, NBC station WNCN of Raleigh reported.

quintin l murphy (leaving stage)

There are five more graduation ceremonies scheduled in the district, and Till advised against any more pranks like this saying there would be “long-term consequences.”

No word on what this will mean for Murphy’s college career. Last I heard, in order to get into college, you at least had to have a high school diploma.

Watch the raw video of the incident directly below

2 thoughts on “Gimme! Diploma Taken Away From Male Student Who Stripped At Grad Ceremony”

  1. That young man need to hire an Attorney and sue the crap out of that school if they refuse to give him his diploma, he has earned it, he passed the tests and it belongs to him, you know damn well they definitely wasn’t going to give it to him.

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