Elderly Dog Placed in Animal Control, Finds New Home, But Now Fighting For Life

Aside from the pneumonia, Pooch is said to be in great health for his age. He’s SO cute!


*Poor Pooch. He has not had an easy transition to his golden years.

First his elderly owner surrenders him to animal control because she has to go into a nursing home. Then things were starting to look up for him, after a college student adopted him- giving him another chance at a happy life.

But that was short-lived.

Oh, he still has the loving home with the college student, but not long after arriving at his new home, the kennel cough he had developed at the shelter morphed into pneumonia, causing the handsome 10-year-old German shepherd mix to stop eating. He also developed a fever and became dehydrated.

Pooch is now fighting for his life and his owner needs help with the mounting veterinary bills.
Scroll down to see how you can help.

Urgent Pets on Death Row, the non-profit agency which initially helped network the information to get Pooch saved from the facility, shared the following information on Tuesday:

Even though they have only been a family for a short time, Pooch’s mom is doing everything in her power to help him recover. Pooch is an amazing dog with so much love and life in him. Aside from his illness contracted AT the shelter he is in great shape for his age, and loves to play fetch. He deserves to live the rest of his life as a happy healthy dog.

The organization added:

It is extremely unfair that well intentioned adopters are saddled with the medical bills and other consequences that arise as a direct result of NYC AC&C’s “cesspool” environment. Pooch’s mom is a college student with limited resources. She stepped up to save the life of a senior dog. Not many would. Now her heart and wallet are being broken as she watches Pooch’s needless suffering.

Donations for Pooch’s care can be made directly to his vet – in order to do so, written authorization will need to be faxed to the vet’s office. Please call them first at this number 516-735-0090 to set up the donation. Please note, this is a place of business where they are busy caring for sick animals – as such, please do not call for updates (they will be posted on the Urgent Pets On Death Row FB thread).

Donations for Pooch’s care can also be made through the non-profit organization at this link – be sure to note “Pooch” in the comments.

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