Not Everyone is Feeling Photo of Mom ‘Breastfeeding’ At Graduation (I Hear You!)

Breastfeeding mom

*Not everyone stood in support of a woman who chose to expose her breast to feed her fussy infant, moments after she had walked across the stage to accept her degree in accounting.

Excited about including “the person” she cares most about in the world in the proud moment, Karlesha Thurman, allowed a fellow graduate who thought it was “cool” of her to feed her baby while decked out in her cap and gown, to snap a picture, which she later put up on social media. Scroll down to see photo.

The photo went viral, with Thurman gaining support from many on the internet.

But some called her actions “inappropriate” and quite frankly, so do I.

In what has become a society without boundaries, and a major lack of etiquette, it is easy for many who support Thurman’s decision to erroneously use it as an opportunity to lash out about a woman’s right to breastfeed in public.

But don’t get it twisted, that’s not the argument here.

Mothers have breastfed their babies wherever and whenever they needed to over time. This is not new nor debatable. The difference here is, when it was done in public, they covered themselves with a diaper, scarf or whatever.

Certainly not due to any sense of embarrassment or shame or disgust. Not any rules or regulations. Just etiquette. It took little effort for them to put a scarf or diaper over their shoulder, covering their breast and even partially, the child’s face, for this very intimate event. Many times these women’s husbands were in attendance.

They didn’t just whip out their bare tit and start feeding their baby in mixed company. 

Think about it: Would you expose your breast to a man in public? Why not, its the same breast.

Some called Thurman’s decision “inappropriate,” adding that she should have covered up. And some said worse.

“I was proud of the fact that not only did I graduate but that I got to share the moment with the one person who is the most important to me and that is my daughter,” Karlesha Thurman said Monday.

I find it most surprising that Thurman herself seems completely surprised that the photo caused any controversy at all.

breastfeeding mom2

Claiming she never wanted attention because of the photo and didn’t realize that some people have a problem with public breast-feeding, Thurman says:

“I honestly thought that as a society, people were more understanding to breast-feeding and understood the importance of breast-feeding,” said Thurman, 25. “It’s not disgusting, it’s not a bad thing, it’s not a negative thing,” Thurman added. “It’s the best thing for my daughter. More people should do it.”

Apparently, she just doesn’t seem to be getting the “cover up” part.

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4 thoughts on “Not Everyone is Feeling Photo of Mom ‘Breastfeeding’ At Graduation (I Hear You!)”

  1. There is absolutely nothing “inappropriate” about breast-feeding in public, or, in fact, anywhere else. That’s what breasts were designed for, and women and every form of mammal have been doing it since life on Earth began. So who are her to try to second-guess God and /or nature by trying to shove their perverted, bourgeois, social conventions down the throat of either this young lady, or the throat of God.
    It wasn’t this young lady who was being “inappropriate,” it’s is the thinking of her critics that’s inappropriate. The primary reason that they believe that exposing a woman’s breasts in public is inappropriate is because of the inappropriate and perverted way in which they’ve come to view a woman’s breast – as sex toys, instead of the extremely efficient and natural glands that they’re designed to be. So if they can’t look at a woman’s breast without thinking of sex and perversion, that’s not the young lady’s problem, that’s their problem.
    So these critics need to get over it and do something constructive – like putting more effort into learning to mind their own business.

  2. Women’s breast are used as sex toys, because that is the way women portray them. Are we second guessing God when we go into the privacy of our homes to have sex? It’s God’s way of procreating, right? If breasts are looked at in a perverted way, it’s in no small way because of the way women want them to be viewed. I don’t know who’s the worst attention hog. This one or the idiot that decided to share her wedding ceremony with her newborn by dragging the poor thing down the isle on the train or her dress. If this genius just had to have her pic taken right then, I’m sure the little one would not have starved to death in the five seconds it took to snap the picture. But then, she wouldn’t have had a reason to pop out a tit, and get however many hits on you-tube it takes to become an internet sensation. There are plenty of natural body functions that are necessary to perform on a daily basis. But just because they’re natural doesn’t mean they need to be carried out in the public eye. Creating a life is one, and flopping out a tittie to feed one is another. Name some more. Come on. I know you can do it.

  3. Linda, you said,

    “Women’s breast are used as sex toys, because that is the way women portray them. Are we second guessing God when we go into the privacy of our homes to have sex? It’s God’s way of procreating, right? If breasts are looked at in a perverted way, it’s in no small way because of the way women want them to be viewed.”
    Those sound like the words of one of those ignorant, out-of-touch, conservative bigots. You just stereotype ALL of the women in America – including yourself. Do you view your breasts as sex toys? If not, how can you sit there and indict every other woman in America? It sounds to me like you’re saying, while you have class and a sense of what is proper, every other woman in America is a slut, and lack your good, common sense. Wow, you must be quite a lady to make such a sweeping assertion.
    In addition, with all of your good sense, can’t you see that you’re propagating the very same backward-thinking mind-set and philosophy as those sexist conservative bigots who maintain that women who wear sexy clothes are ASKING to be rapped!!!?
    Take a minute to think, lady! You don’t corner the market on neither wisdom, intellect, nor morality. Breast-feeding a child in public doesn’t do nearly as much damage to society as people who try to shove their beliefs down the throats of others – in fact, public breast-feeding doesn’t do ANY damage to society. On the other hand, there are people with the exactly same mind-set as you, who are just as convinced as your are on this issue, who think that it’s immoral for Black people to even be born and breathe “their.” And as we very tragically witnessed just recently, there are others who believe that it was so immoral for Travon Martin to wear a hoodie, that it warranted his brutal murdered.
    So let there be no doubt about it, Linda. The young lady who loved, fed, and nurtured her child in the public is not the problem; it is people your closed-minded mindset that is not only the problem in this country, but around the world. As we speak, President Obama have a military team in Nigeria trying to retrieve 200 kidnapped girls to their families who were kidnapped by people who think just like you. They felt that it was immoral for girls to go to school.
    So open your mind, Linda! Neither you, I, nor anyone else is qualified to be the arbiter of how other people should live their lives. In order for us to maintain an orderly and hate-free society, people like yourself are simply going to have to learn to mind your own damn business. As I see it, the standard should be, as long as a person is not doing anything to harm anyone else, they should be free to establish their own moral code, and live their lives the way they see fit, and without it having to be approved by Linda – period.
    So the solution to your moral outrage is quite simple, actually – if you think it’s morally outrageous for a woman to display her tities in public, then keep YOUR blouse buttoned up and don’t take your tittie out.

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