Football Lovers: Ever See A Woman Play Defensive Back at College Level? Meet Shelby Osborne (Watch)

Shelby Osborne is believed to be making history as the first female Defensive Back, especially at the university level.
Shelby Osborne is believed to be making history as the first female Defensive Back, especially at the university level.


Talk about “breaking the ‘grass’ ceiling!” According to a Daily Mail article, first-time female college defensive back, Shelby Osborne, has done just that. Motivated by the bad performance of her Jeffersonville High football team at Sectionals, the 18-year-old went on a mission to conquer the sport herself.

‘We weren’t playing so hot or even to the best of our ability,’ she told SB Nation of the team at the time.

‘I said to myself, ”I could play better than that,” and that’s what planted the seed in my mind that this might actually be possible!

She began to work out, and even made the team for senior year. But Osborne, who resides in Jefferson, Indiana, had the hardest time as a female, convincing universities to take her seriously as a football player. She corresponded to school coaches via email and letters and was getting mad love for her enthusiasm, but once they found out she was a girl, all communications just stopped.

“I went to my coach the next Monday and asked if I could be on the team and began working out from there,” says Osborne, who said even getting on her high school team was no easy feat.

Most female football players have been kickers, so Shelby faced alot of negative feedback and had to work hard to gain the respect of her teammates.

‘I started winning them over one by one, and the more I played, the more they saw that I was serious about it,’ she said.

Osborne’s high school coach, Lonnie Oldham, said Osborne deserved her spot on the team.

‘She did all the physical stuff,’ Oldham said.

‘She’s taken some hits, but she always gets up.’

Osborne, who stand 5’6 and weighs 140 pounds, also revealed that she initially ‘did everything I could’ to hide the fact she was female from opposing teams; including hiding her hair up under her helmet.

Female Footballer, Osborne exercise

In the photo below, Shelby Osborne (second right) stands with fellow players of the Jeffersonville High School football team.

Female Footballer in uniform

‘Most of them didn’t know I was a girl, because I would hide my hair and do anything possible to not show I was a girl,’ she told SB Nation.

‘I never wanted anyone to take it easy on me.’

‘They only realized I wasn’t a guy when I unsnapped my helmet and my hair began to fall out of it.

It appears all of Shelby Osborne’s hard work has paid off. After putting in applications for a football scholarship to universities all over the country, she has landed a scholarship with Campbellsville University in Kentucy; where she will play defensive back for the Tigers.

Below is the proud moment where she signs on to begin her term at Campbellsville University on August 8.

Female signs on to play university football

Visit The Daily Mail to read more about this teen who is making history.

Watch Shelby Osborne in action in the video clip below:

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