‘Vagina Booth’ Gives Women Opportunity To Look ‘Down There’ For First Time

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*You may find it difficult to believe, but there are many women who have not had the nerve to check out their coochie.


Call it self-consciousness, blame it on religion, or our society-at-large, who tries to dictate what “real beauty” looks like, some women claim they have simply been afraid that “down there” might be downright ugly.

But now comes an opportunity to take a serious peek. All thanks to some dude on Craigslist.

No surprise there, you say?

Online blogger and personality, Davey Wavey, owner of Daveywaveytv.net decided to tap into this audience of women and “give them” a chance to look at themselves up close and personal.

Wonder if he offers to hold the mirror.

In a video called, “Women See Their Vagina For First Time!” Wavey advertised to his target audience via Craigslist, seeking those who had never actually looked at their vagina before. One such woman who participated in the event was shocked when she looked down at the mirror that was below her feet. “I keep it shaved, so she looks like an old bald-headed man,” she said.

Wavey starts out asking the women why it is that they have never looked at themselves before.

Some of the women attributed it to their weight; while others said they were self-conscious about how they might look down there. “I’m afraid it’s going to look ugly,” another woman said.

One woman even gives a heartbreaking response as to why it’s hard for her to even look at her own body. “I was raped, and just kind of pushed it out of my mind,” she explained.

As they step in to the, “vagina booth” which Wavey designed, he provides them with a hand mirror and they take a look. Some women appear shocked by what they see, because they had never bothered to look before.

As is the case of any part of our anatomy, it is important for women and men to check your total body periodically, and let your primary Ob-Gyn know of any changes.

Please do watch the video below.

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