Man Behind Woman’s ‘Racist Rant’ Applauded, Speaks Out About the Incident

Narvell Benning recording woman's racist rant while sitting in his car.
Narvell Benning is being hailed as a “Hero” for his poise during the hateful, racist rant of a white woman screaming at him in front of her kids as he sat in his car.

You can file this under the racist rant that was heard around the world. But you may want to make it a temporary file, because the permanent one will have the title: Narvell Benning, “The Coolest Dude In The World” on it.

Inside this file you will find an assortment of items, notes from a concerned father who is thinking of the future of his children and the kids in the video. A man that wonders who would care for his children, if his response had been different, and the police showed up to cart him off to jail. But you will also find a number of supportive posts from social media users, applauding the poised position Benning took, in spite of the rage being thrown at him by the woman identified as Janelle Ambrosia.

Just watching the video is enough to give most people irregular heart palpitations from instinct alone.

If you’re being honest with yourself, could you have handled it so calmly?

On Thursday, Benning, who looks like he could have easily opened a can of whup-ass on this woman, called into a local radio station — the same station on which the woman had previously appeared to talk about the incident and her use of the word.

“It’s only an ignorant individual using that term, so they don’t even know what that term means,” Benning told radio station WBLK. “They think that they can use it freely to demean you, but in actuality they have no idea where the word even came from.”

man in racist rant2

Benning says that he was conflicted about whether or not to post the video, but the decision to do so came from thinking about not only his kids, but the kids in the video.  He decided to post the video because his kids may one day be in school with the kids in the video; and if they grow up to be racist or prejudice, it is a direct response to how their mother raised them, by example.

“It wasn’t shocking to me,” Benning added. “I’ve dealt with this all throughout life… But it was always more passing by, ‘Oh you nigger’ in the car driving by. It was never confrontational as how she displayed it, especially in front of her kids.”

Here are some of the reactions Benning has received in response to his composure in the face of Ambrosia’s racist rant.

racist rant man, positive posts

Read more about the radio interview here.

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