Suspect Captured: Man Stabs Two Children, One Fatally, In NYC Elevator

Mikayla Capers, 7, and Prince Joshua Avitto, 6 (Died)

*A suspect has been arrested in the elevator attack of two New York City children who were on their way to get ice cream when an unidentified man jumped in to the elevator and stabbed them.

Mikayla Capers, 7, and Prince Joshua Avitto, 6, were in the elevator alone and, despite a report  by The New York Daily News about the New York Housing Authority’s allocation of $500,000 – set up a year ago – to purchase surveillance cameras, there were none to document the incident. By all accounts it appears the little girl was able to stumble from the elevator, and provide the information as to what happened.

Sadly, the little boy succumbed to his wounds at the hospital.

On Wednesday, Daniel St. Hubert, 27, was arrested at 8 p.m. as a suspect in the stabbing. Hubert was detained while out on a domestic violence case. He had been arrested nine times in the past, and is believed to also be tied to the fatal stabbing of 18-year-old Tanaya Grant, just a few days before


Captured, suspect in elevator stabbing of children

Daniel St. Hubert has been arrested as a suspect in the stabbings and murder of the young boy

Both the community at large and Law enforcement were devastated by the news.

“That mother lost a child, but we all lost a child,” said Clara Woods, the vice president of the Boulevard Houses Tenant Association, at a news conference.

“This is a happy little boy. This is a pleasant little girl. They were going to get an Icee on a nice warm day,” she said in disbelief. “When something happens to one, it happens to us all.”

A massive manhunt had been launched on Monday to find a suspect based on a sketch of  a heavyset man in his 20s. Prince’s father, Nicholas Avitto, told reporters that he “definitely” recognized the man, claiming that he was a homeless man who had received meals from his building’s neighbors in the past.


Police have pointed to similarities between the three stabbings – the two children and the older child, Tanaya Grant, which happened on May 30.

“This is a particularly heinous crime,” NYPD Commissioner William Bratton said. “Two young children in an elevator with no place to escape, nothing at all, and some character gets on and just starts stabbing them? … [Residents] have every right to be concerned.”


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