Stylist ‘Crystal Collins Don’t Play!’ Cuts Little Girls Braids Out After Mama Won’t Pay


*Small businesses may be credited with running the world these days, but it ain’t easy; especially when people feel that just because you are a small business, they can get away with not paying you your money.

And this logic is not wasted even if a cute little girl is involved.

So when Louisiana hair stylist Crystal Collins realized that the mama of the little girl whose hair she just spent hours braiding wasn’t intending to pay her for her services, she undid her work and cut the braids out of the little girls’ hair…Then posted the pictures on social media.

Uh oh.

“One thing I don’t play about is my money. I try to be patient with everybody but I will not get played,” Collins captioned the photo of the child with her braids cut out.

Perhaps Collins’ emotional decision had her thinking her friends on social media would understand and take her side, but you know how things that involve children can be unpredictable, right?

This was no exception.

Collins went deeper into justifying her actions after she started receiving a deluge of harsh criticism.

Apparently, the mother had made an appointment for her child and the stylist waited nearly two hours for the pair to arrive. Once the mother dropped the child off, Collins did her hair, while mom ran errands. But this is where it got sticky – instead of coming back and claiming her child and paying for the service, the mother ignored phone calls and texts sent by Collins.

When the stylist did finally connect with the mom via phone, and was told to drop her off at the house, it turned out to be the child’s grandmother’s house.

After several more attempts, Collins began to feel like she was running a race that would not conclude with her getting her money, so she summoned the little girl back outside and got busy with the shears.

She obviously read the responding posts and then  posted the message below to Instagram.

Stylists Instagram

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9 thoughts on “Stylist ‘Crystal Collins Don’t Play!’ Cuts Little Girls Braids Out After Mama Won’t Pay”

  1. I don’t blame her either…!!

    The mother is a muther focker and got her daughter caught up in her focked up scam… damn shame on “#mamdbrokebitch…!!

  2. What ever happen to the child self esteem… her muther focked it up for her… her mama should have paid … now she knows her mama is a cheap conning low life hustler… with no skills…!!!

  3. Her MOTHER should have thought her child’s self esteem, not the woman who took hours on the little girls hair.

  4. The con who sends a child into steal is expecting the mark to be sympathetic to the fact this is a child and just let it go. Although I wouldn’t have posted the pics, I don’t think a child that looks as young as she is would be on Instagram to be embarrassed. If the con had worked this little girl would have heard celebratory conversation from her mom boasting about how she got over, better there was some negativity associated with the crime. This little girl lost her braids, I doubt the stylist went mad dog on her removing them buy cutting them out as is the normal procedure for removing the braids. This con may have worked several times before, the game changed when the player got played.

  5. When that mother didnt respod to her calls and Texts, She should of called child protective services. That would of fixed her Ass

  6. I applaud the stylist!!!….You handled that WELL!!!….Good job in BOTH outcomes!!!!….

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