Health Dept. Confirmed: Yes Lady, That Was Semen, Not Mayo, On Your McChicken Sandwich

You won’t believe what was in the McDonald’s mayo ‘The Texture Was Familiar’ the woman said. Read more at
You won’t believe what was in the McDonald’s mayo: ‘The Texture Was Familiar’ the woman said.

*Oh god.

I just had a spicy chicken sandwich from Jack In The Box two days ago. I pray they don’t share recipes.

Lisa McDonald, 31, of Michigan just stopped in for a quick lunch with friends at her neighborhood Mickey Dee’s. She ordered a McChicken sandwich, and halfway through it found a clump of mayonnaise. But she soon realized, after licking it off, though the taste was familiar, it wasn’t mayo.

I’m not gonna lie,” McDowell said. “On Birthdays and holidays I give my man a little something extra in the bedroom, you know? So when I licked the mayo off of the bun, the texture was familiar.”

Of course when she called the manager over and explained this, the allegations were denied. So she contacted the local health department and delivered the specimen.

And OMG, you could’ve bowled her over with a feather, 2 different types of semen was found!

But that’s not all.

To make bad matters even worse, McDowell woke  up from her sleep a few days later with a red rash in the corner of her mouth…and it spread and developed into severe blisters. After visiting her doctor she learned that she had contracted the herpes virus, which she claims was a result of her tainted McChicken sandwich from McDonald’s.

That manager, I assume the one who denied the allegations at first, fired two employees as a result. The manager of the McDonald’s also said, “We can’t always keep an eye on our employee’s conduct. We can only hope, during the interview process, that we are able to hire employees that meet our companies standards.”

What can you say about something like this, but dayuuuuuum?

Thanks to Real for this story.

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