Trayvon Martin’s Friend Keeps Commitment To Him…Rachel Jeantel Graduates

Rachel Jeantel Graduates
Attorney Rod Vereen and Rachel Jeantel (Courtesy photo)

In a tone that is said to resound with confidence, high school graduate Rachel Jeantel exclaims,  “I did it! The witness who didn’t know how to speak English knows how to speak English through the 12th grade now. I never quit.”

These words came from the mouth of the young woman we met as a key prosecution witness in the Trayvon Martin murder trial.

Due to her lack of command for the King’s English, she was ridiculed and made a mockery of both in the court and in the public eye.

You may recall, she was on the phone with 17-year-old Martin when his life was taken on Feb. 26, 2012 by one, George Zimmerman, the self-appointed neighborhood watchman who was aquitted of the crime.

The trial enraged African Americans and sparked nationwide controversy on Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, self-defense, gun control, vigilantism, civil rights and racial profiling.

The presence of Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, made Jeantel’s walk down the aisle even more poignant.

“Her coming is like having Trayvon there saying, ‘You did it. You proved people wrong,’” Jeantel, who also earned her driver’s license a few months back, told Yahoo News.

Jeantel was a key prosecution witness, but her demeanor and speech on the stand took center stage oftentimes, and detracted from her testimony. Then 19, she used terms such as “creepy” and “cracker” to describe Zimmerman, whom she said was aggressively following Trayvon before their call was silenced during the scuffle.

CLICK IMAGE for slideshow: Rachel Jeantel – Keeping a commitment to Trayvon Martin. (AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel
CLICK IMAGE for slideshow: Rachel Jeantel – Keeping a commitment to Trayvon Martin. (AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel

Crossing the stage on Friday “is just the beginning of my life,” said Jeantel, who is now looking for a job.

Attorney Ron Vereen, who stepped in for her just moments before her appearance at the trial, is also very proud of her.

“When people see Rachel Jeantel now, I want them to say, ‘Wow, there was something good that came out of something so tragic,’” Vereen said.

To read more of this story, go to Yahoo News.

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  1. Rachel , was promised a Scholarship to college by The Tom Joyner Foundation, during that time of trial. I haven’t heard anything more about it. Where is it TomJTomJoyner? People support your causes , I pray you are not backpaddling now.Congradulations, Rachel , You can do anything you put your mind too.

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