Would You Eat Something Called ‘Black Poop’ In A Toilet-Themed Restaurant?

Magic Restroom Cafe

*Whoever thought it would be a good idea to open a toilet-themed restaurant with the hope of it being successful is probably in the sh*t house with their investors right now.

Because it wasn’t.

The Magic Restroom Café was in business for just over six months – following a series of stops and starts that equaled a long postponement on the way to its grand opening. But the whole thing went down the toilet over the Memorial Day weekend.

Perhaps it was the names given to the Taiwanese food and dessert on the menu, where customers could choose from items suggestively called “black poop,” “smells like poop,” and “stinky tofu.”

Or it may have been the “plates” that the food was served on,  designed like mini toilets – which made the runny, brown curry dishes (scroll down) look that much more challenging.

Whatever it was that determined it was time to “sh*t or get off the pot,” the doors are locked and repeated attempts at calling the City of Industry based restaurant have only resulted in “no longer in service” messages.

Would you eat this>
Would you eat this>

The spacious restaurant had generous seating on cute little porcelain commodes throughout for the diner’s squatting pleasure. But, when it got right down to it, guests seemed more interested in showing up, taking a few selfies in front of the decorative urinals, and leaving rather than ordering food.

Magic Restroom Cafe was obviously a blatant rip-off of Modern Toilet restaurant, a restroom-themed restaurant chain that started in Taiwan.

But the business lesson here seems to be cash for crappy customer service is smarter than free photo opportunities.

Alas, America’s first toilet themed restaurant took a dump.

Tissue anyone?

Read more at Los Angeles Magazine.

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