Successful Surgery: Doctors Detach Head of Parasitic Twin From Stomach of Baby Girl

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Tanzeel Ur Rehman/Cover Asia Press Dr. Chetan Sharma (right) was joined in the surgical procedure by Dr. Avnish Bharadwaj (left)

*This is the kind of surgery that specialists in America would thrive on. Too bad it didn’t happen here, but I am so glad that it happened where it did…successfully.

A baby girl in India was born with her parasitic twin’s fully-formed head on her stomach. Her lifesaving surgery lasted 90-minutes and doctors say they don’t expect her to have any medical issues as a result of this, when she grows up.

Born to 22-year-old Amlekha Bairva at a small government-run hospital on May 13, the baby girl was rushed to JK Lone Hospital, in Jaipur, northern India, the same evening.

The head was attached by the neck to the baby girl’s stomach. In the case of parasitic twins, a twin embryo starts to develop in the uterus without the pair actually separating. One embryo assumes dominance to fully form at the expense of the other.

GRAPHIC PHOTO: See baby before surgery

“It was a case of hetropahus twin, but we have successfully detached the head that was attached to the anterior abdominal wall. Blood from the baby’s chest and abdomen was feeding the head. We managed to reconstruct the abdominal wall,” Dr. Chetan Sharma, the pediatric surgeon who operated on the baby, said.

“The baby will require a second and final operation to reconstruct the exomphalos after 45 days. And she will then be a completely healthy child with no medical complications in the future.”

The little girl was born by natural childbirth and weighed 4 pounds 8 ounces. She developed jaundice, however, soon after she was delivered.

Baby girl, parasitic twin removed

Her father, Ramjilal Bairva, 29, is overjoyed that the surgery was a success.

“I am very happy and thankful to the doctors and God for my daughter’s successful surgery,” he said. “I could not hold my baby before, but now I will be able to cuddle her. She is a very beautiful and I will make sure that she faces no problem in the future,” he added.


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