Baby Caught! Child Falls From Two Stories High … Into Arms of Passerby

Falling baby

*All I can say is, the parents of this child should have their palms together in prayer right after they finish hugging the good samaritans who saved their one-year-old child from certain death.

Mr. Li of China’s Guangdong Province was recently caught on video catching the child, who fell off a window ledge.

Li, along with another man, apparently saw what was about to happen – so they watched and waited, while others put down cardboard to cushion the baby’s fall. The terrified mother then swooped in to take her child.

Catch baby1

The child may have been looking for its mother and climbed up on the ledge. A neighbor who lives across the street said the child fell during a heavy thunderstorm.

When neighbors saw what was about to happen, they sprung into action, placing items on the ground below the window in hopes of cushioning the child’s fall. Mr. Li and another man, had run across the street with their arms outstretched (seen in photo above) to catch the child.

Later, Li humbly told the media, “it was nothing but human instinct to do so.”

This happened last Sunday in Guangdong Province in Southern China, and was reported by the Associated Press, citing local reports from China Central Television.


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