Croc In Shock After Morbidly Obese Woman Fell On It

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*OK, don’t you dare laugh. This is a true story.

Fyodor, a 6.5-foot-long male crocodile, was sleeping comfortably under a blanket on the bus of a traveling circus; where it is a performer. All of a sudden, the bus, which was filled with other circus performers, hit a huge pothole and thump! out of nowhere, he was struck by the weight of a 264-pound female accountant, who fell on him, leaving the reptilian artist in shock.

Fyodor, a performer with the Soviet Circus animal troupe, vomited for hours, but after being checked out by a vet, was determined to be OK. The accident happened on May 20, and though the stoic croc had no internal injuries, doctors had barred him from public appearances for a few days; but he was cleared to perform again by the Memorial Day week end.

The accountant, who suffered cuts and bruises, was given an official reprimand for not wearing her seat belt, and could lose her job if something like this happens again.

Also she was ”advised to lose weight.

But then again, if she does, wouldn’t she lose her job anyway? Just a thought.


2 thoughts on “Croc In Shock After Morbidly Obese Woman Fell On It”

  1. This is the most sexist story. Would we say the same thing if it were a man? Bullies behind keyboards love to call women out and critique ladies. Where’s your editors integrity? Don’t women have it hard enough without unknowns penning mean stories against them? Get a Life?

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