Rihanna’s ‘Oops!’ At Clippers Game Sells For $66K On eBay

Phone Rihanna broke
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SMH. What else can one do but shake your head on this one?

Remember hearing about the selfie Rihanna was aiming to take with the police official at a Clippers game last week? Remember she dropped his cell phone, breaking the screen, in the process?

Well you can stop shaking your head now and drop your jaws because that broken phone sold for $66,500 on eBay thanks to an anonymous bidder.

We kid you not.

The pop singer, 26, feigned shock after she dropped the phone, which she took from Los Angeles Police Commission president Steve Soboroff, who was seated next to her, when he asked her to pose with him in a picture because he noticed that she, too, was wearing an LAPD wristband (Why?).

Rihanna and police, broken phone

But Soboroff made it clear to a sorrowful RiRi that he didn’t mind and neither should she. He even told us at that time, that he was going to sell the broken phone on eBay and donate the take to a police charity (read below, he really did!).

@ebay via Twitter Steve Soboroff auctioned off his phone for charity after Rihanna dropped it at the Clippers game last week.

“Half of the money raised will go toward the LAPD Cadet program crisis,” Soboroff wrote on his auction listing. “The other half of the money will go towards the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation, to support the families of fallen officers. We have tragically lost five officers since March 7, 2014.”

“Thank you Rihanna and all of her wonderful fans who have made this story go viral, and for your interest in supporting the Los Angeles Police Foundation,” he continued.

Well, if we’re being perfectly honest with you sir, that last part may be taking it a bit far. But we do love Rihanna.


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