Shhh…They May Not Want You To Know This But…A Visit To Disneyland Just Went Up

disneyland-anaheim-california*For a place recently in the news for the low wages they continue to pay their workers, it may come as no surprise that the “greatest place on earth” may cost you and your family nearly a month’s rent to visit.

Walt Disney (DIS +0.83%) just announced price hikes for tickets to its Disneyland theme park in California, just a few months after jacking up costs at its flagship Walt Disney World in Florida.

The most notable price changes for Disneyland look like this.

  • One-day single-park passes: Up $4 to $96.
  • One-day “Park Hopper” passes: Up $13 to $150.
  • Deluxe Annual Passports: Up $20 to $519.
  • Premium Annual Passports: Up $30 to $699.
  • Parking: Up $1 to $17.

And while it used to be less expensive to visit if you actually live in Southern California; these residents felt the pinch as well, when the resort cut out new sales of Southern California Annual Passports, which were available only to area residents and allowed them to enter both Disneyland and the California Adventure park on Sundays. The only specific pass remaining for nearby residents is the Southern California Select Annual Passport, which does not allow weekend use.

And here’s the hush, hush part: News of the price hike was not previously announced by Disney, instead it was reported by several outlets after the updates were made to Disneyland’s website.

The move comes just a couple months after Walt Disney World in Orlando launched its own set of ticket hikes, which brought the price of a one-day pass to the Magic Kingdom right against the triple-digit mark, at $99. That announcement was similarly buried, coming on a Saturday in February while Universal Orlando was holding its own press event.

So, why the new set of loftier prices?

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