Father Disputes Child Support, Kills 3-Year-Old Son With Lethal Dose Of Cocaine

Dad kills baby with cocaine*A Palmer Park man has been arrested for giving his 3-year-old son a lethal dose of drugs that led to his death.

Thomas Everett Holland, 38, is charged with first-degree child abuse and manslaughter for the murder of Jayson Holland.

Shirley Gaither says her great grandson Jayson was a joyous little boy, and that the family has yet to recover from his death.

Holland claimed he had found the boy unresponsive in his Palmer Park home on January 26.  But there were immediate suspicions because prior to the incident, Holland was in a paternity war, waging a custody battle for the little boy. According to Mrs. Gaither, he chafed at the $600 a month child support payments.

“The moment we got the news we knew he had done something to the child,” she said.

Prince George’s County Police responded to the United Medical Center in Southeast D.C. with a death investigation. Holland had driven his son there for treatment, but the child was unresponsive, and pronounced dead a short time after.

Baby killed with cocaine
3-year-old Jayson Holland died from a lethal dose of drugs, including cocaine, which was allegedly given to him by his father


Shockingly, an autopsy and toxicology test revealed a deadly cocktail of drugs in the boy’s system, including toxic levels of cocaine, acetaminophen and codeine. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide, and Holland was arrested on Thursday night at his home in Hyattsville.

“Investigators now believe this could not have been an accident — there was no way a three-year-old child could ingest that amount of acetaminophen and cocaine,” said PGPD spokesperson, Julie Parker.

“He didn’t have any health problems — there was no reason that child couldn’t return on that Sunday morning just as healthy as he left, period,” stated Shirley Gaithers.

Holland remains in custody at the Department of Corrections.

7 thoughts on “Father Disputes Child Support, Kills 3-Year-Old Son With Lethal Dose Of Cocaine”

  1. It seems as if someone has declared war on our children. RIP Baby Boy Jayson. I hope his piece of sewage sperm donor gets the holy shit kicked out of him in prison.

  2. Idk why some men create responsibilities yet they refuse to accept responsibility, they always think it’s the easy way out not knowing they are only burying themselves….. Smh, it is so sad that this father decided to take his sons life & not realizing it he has taken his own life too may God let him see who is in control!

  3. He should be executed via a slow tortuous method. Little Jayson was a sweet innocent child who did not deserve this. I hope his murderous father rots in Hell.

  4. I hope this stupid bastard get the electric chair and go to hell where he belong.

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