When Flight 214 Crashed, This Couple Stole The Luggage: Now They Must Pay The Piper!

Stolen luggage couple*Guess you can file this under: Karma. A California couple who worked at San Francisco International Airport took advantage of an unfortunate situation and now they are paying for it.

Sean Sharif Crudup, 44, and his wife, Raychas Elizabeth Thomas, 32, both of Richmond, Calif., were sentenced to jail for stealing passengers’ luggage in the aftermath of last year’s fatal crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214.

After pleading no contest to grand theft and possessing stolen property, the couple was sentenced this week, with Crudup set to serve  nine months and his wife, six months in jail according to the New York Daily News.

In addition, they have been given three years’ probation and ordered to pay about $6,000 in restitution.The couple had been caught stealing the luggage during the chaos of the crash. The video showed Crudup going in to an airport baggage office at the airport, taking a piece of luggage, bringing it out and handing it to Thomas.

“Ms. Thomas had taken a bunch of the clothing to Nordstrom to sell it back,” Wagstaffe said at the time of the couple’s arrest. “A search warrant was issued for their home in Richmond, and a large number of the items were found there.”

The majority of the $6K will go to Nordstrom department store.

The pair, both worked as customer service representatives for United Airlines.

The crash, which occurred on July 6, killed three Chinese students and injured nearly 200 other passengers and crew members.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the couple left the airport with the stolen loot and tried to return several items that had been purchased at a Nordstrom department store. They were arrested as they tried to hop a plane to Hawaii to celebrate their birthdays.

Read more at the New York Daily News and the Los Angeles Times.



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