Emergency: You Put ‘Pop Rocks’ In Your What To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom?

Pop-Rocks-Brownie-Bites-1*Some people will do anything to spice up their sex life. We have seen all kinds of crazy stuff that tempt couples to say, “Let’s try this!” And many of these ideas are creative, but some have actually sent folks to the ER. If you’ve ever watched the TLC program, “S*x Sent Me to the ER” you know it is hilariously addictive. In a new episode that airs soon, one couple is featured because – of all the wacky props they chose to use to spice up their lovemaking, candy came to mind.

Pop Rocks are a delicious candy that fizzes and snaps while it is in your mouth. This California couple decided that using the candy to heighten their pleasure would be a fun way to spend their night away from their children. Instead they ended up in the emergency room with a very confused doctor.

By the time the woman got to the hospital, a very puzzled doctor was trying to figure out what she meant as she yelled that it was the rocks’ fault and that she needed to get them out. The doctor was thinking that she meant actual rocks and stones. Finally when she explained that she and her husband had placed Pop Rocks inside of her, the doctor finally understood. She was experiencing burning and itching due to the candy exploding.

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Generic photo

Often times Pop Rocks are used while giving a man [email protected] s*x as it intensifies his pleasure. Putting this foreign object inside of your body however is not recommended. The different ingredients in the candy could have adverse reactions as you can read from this story. After their ordeal with this sweet treat, this couple most likely will stick to a less exciting food like whipped cream!

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  1. I bet this couple was white. Only whitey would come up with some sick, nasty mess as this. Just because you can stuff something in your cooch doesn’t mean that you should. Dumb ass!

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