African American Police Sergeant Details His Life As ‘Undercover Klansman’ In New Book (Watch)

Police Sergeant, Ron Stallworth
Retired police sergeant, Ron Stallworth


*Nope, you’re not seeing things, the title does read African American and Undercover Klansman in the same sentence. And the black man who went uncover in the most notoriously hateful organization in history still lives to tell the story.

It was1979 when Colorado Springs police investigator Ron Stallworth made the phone call that would change the next nine months of his life.  He had called a number shown in a KKK newspaper ad to gather information. What he got instead was an offer to become a member.

And it didn’t stop there.

After being perceived as a “loyal and dedicated” member, Stallworth got an invitation to lead the local KKK chapter.

Of course, if they knew he was a black man, the scenario would’ve been different.

During his time operating as an undercover member, Stallworth corresponded regularly with the Klan leadership via phone; which included speaking with former grand wizard, David Duke. When his physical presence was required, he would send a fellow detective in his place, a friend and narcotic detective Stallworth said he liked to call “the white Ron Stallworth.”

Stallworth’s membership card was signed by KKK Grand Marshall, David Duke


The “intellects” never suspected a thing. No “Oh you sound different on the phone” or nothing.

Although Stallworth’s primary goal was intelligence gathering, he is proud to have managed to stop crimes over the course of his investigation.

“One of the things I’m most proud of is the fact that no black child — no child period — ever had to wake up to the sight of a burning cross,” he said.

The Black Klansman website reads,

“I was able to “sting” (con) the local Organizer of the Colorado Springs chapter of the KKK, the Grand Dragon (equivalent to a state leader) for the Colorado Klan, and David Duke who, at the time (1978-79), was arguably the premier national leader of the various KKK factions in the country.  He was based in the New Orleans, Louisiana area, and held the title of Grand Wizard. They all believed I was to quote David Duke “…an intelligent white man….” and, as a result, I was able to gain their trust and subsequently obtain membership into their faction of the Klan.

So successful was the “sting” that the Grand Dragon sought my advice on a couple of decisions concerning him and the Colorado Springs chapter and the Local Organizer, a Specialist 5 in the Army who was in the process of being discharged, avidly put my name up to the chapter membership for a vote to replace him.”

To read more about Stallworth’s experience or purchase his book go to “Black Klansman.”

Watch the video report of Stallworth telling of his experience directly below.

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