Protestors in Hearn, Texas Want Officer That Killed 93-Year-Old Fired Immediately!

Officer Stephen Stem (Top left) fatally shot Pearlie Golden, 93 (shown on right)


“It’s a loss of confidence in the community. We can’t have an officer the citizens have lost confidence in,” Mayor Ruben Gomez said about protests surrounding the shooting of a 93-year-old Hearne, Texas resident – killed at the hands of an officer who joined the force two years ago.

The longtime mayor had greeted a group of protestors who appeared at the station to demand the officer who fatally shot the elderly woman named Pearlie Golden, and said he will recommend that the officer be fired.

That, however, didn’t satisfy the deceased woman’s friends and supporters. Authorities say Golden appeared to be shot three times Tuesday night by Officer Stephen Stem after he responded to a 911 call about a disturbance involving a woman and a gun.

“There’s no justification. Any police officer would know not to kill a 93-year-old fragile woman when they could have backed off,” said William Foster, 64, a retired professor in Hearne. “She was no threat to him.”

Hearne protestors
Protestors in support of “Miss Sulie” demand officer Stephen Stem be fired for fatally shooting her

According to a statement by Hearne police, Golden “brandished a gun” when Stem arrived at her small brick home behind the railroad tracks that run through this mostly poor community of 4,500 people.

Robertson County District Attorney Coty Siegert said Thursday that a preliminary autopsy shows Golden was shot twice in the body and grazed by a third bullet. It’s the second time Stem has shot and killed a suspect since joining Hearne police in 2012, Siegert said.

According to Hazel Embra, a geriatric nurse and a City Council candidate in Saturday’s local election, Ms. Golden was a spry, sharp woman who was known by many people as “Miss Sulie” and enthusiastically greeted friends with “Hey, baby! How you doing?”

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6 thoughts on “Protestors in Hearn, Texas Want Officer That Killed 93-Year-Old Fired Immediately!”

  1. This is rediculous. She was using deadly force. A 93 year old woman with a gun can kill someone just the same as a 23 year old man with a gun.

  2. What a joke….someone is going to cry racism. The guy did his job..he prob has a family to go home to. This makes me sick. She shoots him then what?? Stuff like this is the reason the world is like it is.

  3. Best part is the person who said he should have shot in the air and scared her …or maybe she would fire the gun and kill him

  4. Joe and Jamie, you are absolutely correct. As a retired State Trooper I can tell you without a doubt that all you see when a gun is pulled on you is the gun. You do not and cannot consider the age or the sex of the person brandishing the gun. You do what you are trained to do.

    While I am not thrilled that this officer has been involved in two deadly force incidents in two years, obviously he was cleared of the first shooting and there is no question that this 93 year old was not only armed but also had fired two shots so he will, in all likelihood, be cleared of this shooting also. She was apparently upset that she was refused a driver’s license renewal. Chances are that this officer had absolutely nothing to do with her driver’s license renewal being rejected. He did not deserve to have a gun pulled on him and he could not have “backed off” as our esteemed idiot professor Foster seems to believe. If she is willing to pull a gun on a cop, what is she going to do to anyone else that happens by?

    Either way, Officer Stem is done being a Police Officer, although he should be a fairly well-off ex Police Officer as soon as his successful lawsuit against the city is decided in his favor. The Mayor previously in reports and the council now have defamed Stem and made it impossible for him to work as a Police Officer in Hearn or anywhere else for that matter. Chances are almost 100 % that the Texas Ranger investigation will determine that Stem was justified, at which point Stem can pretty much bankrupt this little town of Hearn. They will be paying Stem quite well for the next 50 years or so.

    The Mayor and council simply did what the vocal minority yelled and screamed that they wanted and it will cost them all.

    I feel bad for the family of the 93 year old. They did not deserve to have their mother, grandmother or aunt die in this manner. In my mind though, it was apparently what she wanted. No reasonable person draws a gun on a cop in any situation that they want to live through. Officer Stem was the one that did not ask for this situation. Chin up Officer Stem, it certainly sounds like you did nothing wrong and soon the city will be buying.

  5. No one mentioned race until the comments. They say get over it racism is dead until you read the internet comments then we know how you truly feel. My dad is a deputy and regardless of AGE OR GENDER I would hope he had reacted the same. But race has no place in his debate.

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