Meet A Teen Who Graduated From College Days Before Getting Her High School Diploma

Grace Bush
Grace Bush


*Ever heard of a 16-year-old college graduate who hasn’t even received her high school diploma yet? You may answer yes.

Meet Grace Bush.

The high-achieving teen is a student at Florida Atlantic University High School, which will hold its graduation ceremony this Friday, according to the Sun Sentinel. The H.S. has a special program with FAU that allows young students to earn college credit at no cost while in high school.

At FAU High, a student will typically earn about three years of college credit, but Grace started earlier than most; and earned college credits at Broward College at age 13. She accelerated so quickly through FAU’s program that she has already completed her four years of college to receive a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and became the youngest member of her graduating class this year.

“I’m excited, but for some reason it feels like it’s all coming too soon, too fast,” the Hollywood, Fla., teenager says.

Grace comes from a long line of high achievers. She has an older sister, Gisla, who graduated from the university at age 18 and is currently pursuing her master’s; and another older sister, 17-year-old Gabrielle, is on track to graduate over the summer.

Home-schooled along with her eight siblings by her mother, who is also named Gisla, it was this practice that allowed the children to accelerate their learning pace. However, she says Grace was special even among her siblings. “She was very accelerated. She started reading at 2, and she could perform as well as her older sister, who was three years her senior,” her mother tells the Sentinel.

The Bushes pushed their children to do college courses within high school because they knew that they could not afford to send all of them to college.

And if you think there is no way a kid can be a kid carrying the kind of load Grace obviously juggled – a full load of classes every semester since she was 14, even in the summer, in addition to playing the flute for the Miami Music Project orchestra and the South Florida Youth Symphony, you’re right. The teen uses her music as her “stress reliever.”

With a schedule that has her coming home from music obligations at around 10 each night, and then staying up until 2 a.m. to study, she catches up on sleep  during her commute to FAU. She also passed on school dances, football games, parties and other popular activities.

“I missed out on being a kid, goofing off and wasting time,” she tells the paper.

Due to her hard work, she graduated with a 3.81 GPA (not the 4.0 she was aiming for).

So the next step is to earn her master’s degree at FAU before she trots off to law school, building her way up to her ultimate goal.

“I would like to be chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court,” Grace confides to the Sentinel.

Read more at the Sun Sentinel.

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