Kidnapped Nigerian Girls Still Missing, Word Is They Are Being Sold Into Marriage

nigeria-300x225*More news is coming out about the missing Nigerian school girls.

News One is reporting that families of the girls, who were kidnapped on April 14th by Boko Haram terrorists from Chibok Girls Secondary School, were reportedly told by villagers from Sambisa Forest, which is on the Nigerian/Cameroon border, that the girls are being sold into marriage to Boko Haram militants.

A report by The Associated Press reveals that Halite Aliyu of the Borno-Yobe People’s Forum states that the girls are being sold for 2,000 naira, which is equivalent to $12 and that they have been taken to Cameroon and Chad.

There is outrage that more has not been done to find the girls and return them to their families.  A federal senator from northeastern Nigeria, Senator Ali Ndume, says that Nigeria should be willing to do whatever is necessary to find the girls, including asking for international support.

Reports that 276 girls were originally kidnapped, and 53 of them escaped in the first few days after they were taken while 223 still remain captive.

It has been a major embarrassment for the Nigerian government and military that so little progress has been made in locating the girls.  Because much of northeastern Nigeria is not under the control of the Nigerian government, the task of finding the girls is even more difficult.

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