White Dude Does African Dance Moves He Learned In Class on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ (One Viewer Offended)

African dance on millionaire show*In case you missed it, it was a sight to behold.

I personally recall every move that I saw this guy do, from my own experience in African dance class. He may have brought back the old cliche about white people having no rhythm, but he had a lot of courage getting up there and doing this on national TV.

I, for one, ain’t mad ‘atcha dude, even if you did epitomize the “no rhythm” cliche.

Funny stuff.

Earlier this week,  when host Cedric The Entertainer learned that contestant Jeff Hunsicker from Collegeville, Penn. had taken an African dance class in college, he just had to see a demonstration.

That one act has garnered more than 66K views on YouTube.

When the Pennsylvania native danced, even Cedric was unsure of what to do before he broke out with his African American version. Joking at the end, “You were doing African dance, I was doing African-American.”

While most of the social media comments have been applauding Hunsicker for attempting the dance in front of an audience, and taking it in the spirit of fun (as it should be), there is one YouTube user who finds the demonstration offensive.

The user was offended that his or her West African culture was “made a mockery of.”

If you were to pose a question to that one offended user, what would it be?

I know what I’d like to ask: Would the dance have still been offensive if it weren’t done by a white guy?

See the funny clip from the episode below. We will miss Cedric as host on the show. He gave his notice of departure just recently.

6 thoughts on “White Dude Does African Dance Moves He Learned In Class on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ (One Viewer Offended)”

  1. Someone has too much time on his/her hands to be offended. He danced what he learned in the class. No mockery of any culture intended

  2. First of all I did not watch the show, nor did I even know about this show, I always like reading about interesting stories. This caught my eye. IMO, some people are so prejudiced in their own minds, sometimes it clouds the joy in watching others embrace a cultural art that is not usual. I saw in the video a man having fun and parroting what he had seen before.. ie;Is it any more of a mockery if white guys played Jazz as well as black guys, or Michael Jackson use steps he learned from watching Gene Kelly in movies and played out on his stage acts..any more of a mockery when Tenna Marie use to sing so soulfully at concerts with Rick James. There is a difference , One must clear their mind and the obvious will become glaring.

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