Vet Says Your Beloved Pet Was Euthanized, Yet Secretly Kept It Alive For Blood Transfusions (Do You Think He…?)

(Credit: Screenshot, CBS Local)
(Credit: Screenshot, CBS Local)

*Lets hope this is an isolated incident. Lets pray that there are not veterinarians across the country, the world, doing something as cruel and insensitive as telling you your pet was being euthanized, but has instead kept it alive in a feces-filled cage and used it for blood transfers.

This is what happened when authorities raided a Fort Worth, Texas, veterinary clinic on Tuesday after a family accused one veterinary practice of doing just that. Jamie and Marian Harris say Lou Tierce, a longtime veterinarian, told them that their 5-year-old Leonberger, named Sid, had a congenital spinal defect and needed to be put down.  The Texas Star-Telegram reports on the ensuing nightmare.

Six months later, on April 21, Harris said she was “shocked” when she got a call from a former veterinary technician at the clinic, telling her that Sid was still alive. The employee told Harris that she quit that day because she could no longer work in a clinic where the animals were mistreated.

The employee told Harris that Sid spent almost 24 hours a day in a cage, littered with his own feces and urine, and that he had been injured by another employee.

Jamie and Marian Harris described how they drove to the clinic and while two friends guarded the front and back doors as her husband distracted the receptionist, Harris went to the back, found Sid in a cage and rescued him.

Tierce came outside, according to the complaint, and explained that he had not euthanized Sid because some of his employees had threatened to quit if he did.

The Harrises left with Sid and took him to another veterinarian, who told them that it appeared Sid had been tapped for blood transfusions.

Jim Eggleston, the Weatherford attorney who is representing the Harris family, said allegations have surfaced that more dogs and cats — some with serious illnesses — were being kept alive for blood transfusions and other experimental treatments.

“You have a vet keeping dogs under false pretenses,” Jim Eggleston, the Harris family’s attorney, said, adding that allegations have surfaced of more dogs and cats suffering the same treatment. “You have family pets that people thought were cremated or put down peacefully that may still be alive.”

As cruel as this appears to be, notwithstanding is the deceit involved, do you suppose the veterinarian believed it wasteful to put an animal down when other animals were dying from needing blood?

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