Chad Johnson Tries To Justify His Cheating On Evelyn Lozada, Says Even MLK Was ‘Hoeing’ (Watch)

Chad Johnson
In this photo, Chad Ochocinco Johnson attends Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Fun Fearless Males Of 2011 at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel on March 7, 2011, in New York City. (Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

*Well its not like he hasn’t had enough time to think one up. An excuse that is, or rather a “justification” for cheating on his former wife. Now embattled football star Chad Johnson sits down with NiteCap creator and host Peter Bailey for a tell-all interview.

Yep, after seeing the video, many of you might agree, Chad Johnson is still an A**hole.

In an exclusive clip provided to theGrio, Johnson defends his decision to cheat on his ex-wife,  Evelyn Lozada, and refers to the actions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. behind closed doors as “hoeing.”

“Nobody said it had to be the way it is. We all trying to follow rules, somebody made those rules up. Nobody said you had to be with one woman,” Johnson states emphatically in his justification for not being faithful to his wife. “Nobody said that.”

When Bailey turned the conversation to civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. and the sacrifices he made being a public servant, saying,

“If Dr. King and these guys were realists, we wouldn’t be sitting right here. You wouldn’t be sitting in this big house.”

Johnson asked, “What was Dr. King doing behind the closed doors? Don’t sugarcoat it.”

Bailey responded, “It’s been documented the man had infidelity issues.”

“You don’t want to say hoein’? Why don’t you just say hoein’?” said Johnson.

You can see Chad Johnson’s full interview Monday on NiteCap,but in the meantime, the clip below features segments of the interview, with the MLK comments starting at 1:25

6 thoughts on “Chad Johnson Tries To Justify His Cheating On Evelyn Lozada, Says Even MLK Was ‘Hoeing’ (Watch)”

  1. Chad’s an idiot. What do women see in him? Oh, that’s right — women see dollar signs. He uses his money to get women because he has nothing else to offer. That brain of his is completely empty.

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