Apple HR Exec Denise Young Smith Tops List of 46 Important Blacks in Technology

Apple, takes a bite out*Well now this is news.

That black people are actually in the field of technology? Not so much.

That black people in this field are being acknowledged for their accomplishments?

Yeah that part.

Admittedly, its has been at a crawling speed that African Americans or any black people have entered the field of technology. But now, according to Business Insider, this is changing, and the accomplishments of at least 46 black execs in the field are being recognized.

Here ‘s the top 3, starting with the newest hire of a company valued at $471.5 billion dollars with 10,000 employees.

As the new head of worldwide Human Resources for the gargantuan Apple, its probably fair to say that Denise Young Smith has taken quite a bite out of the competition.

Denise Young Smith
Denise Young Smith

Smith was chosen to lead the company’s worldwide human resources division, a position previously held by Joel Podolny, a white man. Smith’s new responsibilities are quite a step up from her previous role (which was not too shabby either); where she, as head of HR for the company’s retail division, managed 42,800 of the company’s 80,300 workers in the last fiscal year.

Tech giant, David Steward: World Wide Technology
Tech giant, David Steward: World Wide Technology

As Co-founder and Chairman of World Wide Technology, David Steward heads one of  the largest African-American owned businesses in the country. WWT is a systems integration company that, since 1990, has helped large and private companies plan and deploy relevant IT products and solutions. Today the company’s annual revenue stands at $6 billion and they employ 2,400 people worldwide.

Charles Phillips, CEO at Infor
Charles Phillips, CEO at Infor

And last but not least is Infor CEO Charles Phillips. With a close resemblance to a certain president we know, he is rumored as quietly becoming the “Steve Jobs” of business software. Infor made a jump from $2.2 billion when Phillips first joined the company in 2013, to nearly $2.8 billion in revenues. Infor employs more than 10,000 people. No surprise here, seeing as Phillips came from a background that includes a captain in the Marines, a computer programmer, a managing director at Morgan Stanley, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s No. 2 guy.

But wait! There is still 43 more top black tech execs to learn about! Its a really impressive list so go to Business Insider here to check it out.

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