Records Reveal The NAACP Accepted Multiple Grants From Donald Sterling Over The Years

Leon Jenkins, NAACP LA Chapter President, accepted grant from foundation of Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, just recently (Source:
Leon Jenkins, NAACP LA Chapter President, is said to have accepted multiple grants (and protection from the press) from the charitable foundation of Clippers owner, Donald Sterling (Source:

*As the news of Clippers owner Donald Sterling‘s racism continues to take over America following racist remarks made on tape and published by TMZ this past weekend, the plot continues to thicken.

We have learned that the NAACP has snatched the Lifetime Achievement Award he was set to receive from them in an upcoming ceremony; which was scheduled prior to the racist rant, and justified by NAACP’s admission that Sterling had always been kind and given hundreds of game tickets to local school children in the community.

But now, we learn the civil rights organization was actually being financially supported by Sterling; accepting multiple grants over a period of several years from the Los Angeles Clippers owner, and even publicly defended Sterling even after some in the African-American community complained about his alleged racism.

This, according to political reporter, Patrick Howley, who says Sterling  personally awarded Leon Jenkins, president of the NAACP’s Los Angeles chapter, with multiple grants through his Donald T. Sterling Charitable Foundation. The organization also defended Sterling in the press.

NAACP’s LA chapter was financially supported by Sterling’s foundation, records reveal. Jenkins, representing the NAACP, received a grant from Sterling’s foundation at the 2013 Donald T. Sterling Charitable Foundation Gala just four months ago (see picture above), where Jenkins was photographed accepting his award from Sterling.

The NAACP’s national organization condemned Sterling’s alleged remarks Saturday, and the NAACP’s LA chapter ultimately decided not to present Sterling with the 2014 lifetime achievement award it planned to give him at an event also honoring Al Sharpton and Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti.

“If these allegations are proven true, we are extremely disappointed in Mr. Sterling,” said a spokesman for the NAACP California State Conference.

“As the investigation is in progress, we urge the LA Branch of the NAACP to withdraw Donald Sterling from the honoree list at its upcoming Gala. We also suggest that African Americans and Latinos should honor his request and not attend the games,” the NAACP stated after Sterling’s racist remarks were published.

This proves to be a major about-face by the NAACP who is said to have turned a deaf ear to community activists and other minorities who attempted to “out” Sterling and his racism when the organization first awarded him in 2009.

“We can’t speak to the allegations, but what we do know is that for the most part [Sterling] has been very, very kind to the minority youth community,” Jenkins said in May 2009. “Over the last ten years or so, 1000 to 2000 at risk youth have been able to come to live Clippers games, those who have never seen a pro basketball game before,” Jenkins said.

 Read more of this story at The Daily Caller.

An Anti-Racism protest is set for Tuesday, April 29, just before the 6:30p.m. game at The Staples Center.

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