Attention Car Owners: You May Never Have To Wash Your Car Again According to Nissan (Video)

self_cleaning_car_06-620x412*What! This is unbelievable: a self-cleaning car? You mean to tell me I won’t have to spend my hard earned $9.95 on a car wash anymore?

According to Nissan, heck no!

The car dealer claims they have developed a new self cleaning paint for cars called “Ultra-Ever Dry.”

It’s a “specially engineered super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint” that creates a “protective layer of air between the paint and environment” so that ”drivers may never have to clean their car again.”

OK, we’re listening, tell us more…No! Show us!

Well if this holds up, from an environmental perspective it’ll be pretty cool. Aside from the fact that all the chemicals that generate from your neighborhood car wash is terrible for the environment to begin with (you know how awful it smells right?), it takes a lot of water to wash a car — anywhere from 15 to 100 gallons per car (some car washes recycle their water); and while the EPA mandates that professional car washes channel their waste-water to treatment plants, the many, many contaminants produced by at-home washes usually end up in storm drains or the soil.

Definitely not a good look for the planet.

But wait, does that mean you’ll have to own a Nissan to try this out? The jury is still out on that one.

Also, critics who know more than the average person does about cars and paint technology point out that no such paint — versions of which are already being used for industrial purposes — has managed to last much longer than a year.

“So far,” Nissan claims, “the coating…has responded well to common use cases including rain, spray, frost, sleet and standing water.”

Hey, if nothing else, the product appeared to hold up for the duration of the company’s PR video (See directly below). Cool music too, Nissan!

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