Teen That Hid In Plane’s Wheel Well Was Shocked To Learn He Was In Maui

Teen-Survives-California-Hawaii-Flight-In-Plane*Remember the 16-year-old stowaway we told you about last week? The one who argued with his parents, then dashed out of the house, ran to the airport, jumped the fence and hid inside the first aircraft wheel well he could find before the plane took off?

Yeah him.

Well, we hear that once he “came to” (authorities believe he may have passed out during the flight due to freezing temperatures and lack of oxygen at 38,000 feet – plus, there has to be some reason he doesn’t even remember flying) he didn’t realize he had flown all the way to Maui.

Security video of the boy’s arrival shows him dangling his feet for about 15 seconds from the wheel well before jumping 8 to 10 feet to the ground, landing on his feet and immediately collapsing Sunday morning, Maui District Airport Manager Marvin Moniz said.

Still in a Honolulu hospital under observation, the teen,  wearing a San Francisco Giants hoodie, had asked a ramp agent for a drink of water. This move is what alerted the authorities and put everything else in motion.

His father, Abdilahi Yusuf Abdi, told Voice of America on Wednesday that his son missed Africa, where they used to live, and had been struggling in school. Abdi learned about his son’s journey from the Hawaii police department.

“When I watched the analysis about the extraordinary and dangerous trip of my son on local TVs and that Allah had saved him, I thanked God and I was very happy,” Abdi said.

Read more about the teens incredible journey at The Sacramento Bee.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/04/22/6345798/airport-security-vulnerabilities.html#storylink=cpy

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