Seriously Parents, Must You Attend That Parent-Teacher Meeting In Hair Curlers? Saggin’ Pants? A Bathrobe? (Video)

Dr. Rosalind Osgood
Dr. Rosalind Osgood


*Imagine you’re a teenager and your parent is called to the school to meet with your teacher.

It happens.

Now imagine that parent shows up to the meeting in a bathrobe and hair curlers. But wait, mom couldn’t make it, so dad comes instead….wearing his doo-rag and saggin’ jeans.

“Uh no, Miss Teacher, that lady is not my mother. That man is not my dad. In fact, I’ve never seen these people before in my life,” that’s what you’d probably be thinking whether you say it or not.

Well one school board member has had enough. She has seen way too many parents coming to meetings at school dressed inappropriately.

Dr. Rosalind Osgood, a member of the Broward County Public School system says parents have visited the district’s schools in pajamas, hair curlers and drooping drawers. They have worn saggy pants and  short shorts.

Now her complaints have prompted a call for a stricter dress code — not for kids…for their parents.

“There’s a dress for inside the house and there’s a dress for outside the house,” Osgood said. “If we’re going to address student conduct, we have to lead by example as adults,” she continued at a recent board meeting in Fort Lauderdale.

Speaking to MSNBC’s News Nation on Friday, Osgood says she wants parents to consider their garb before they show up at school.

“What I’m trying to do is create a culture where as adults, we think about our behavior,” Osgood said. “We have to understand that everything we do has an impact on children.”

Of course everyone is not on board with Osgood’s idea, and the Broward County school board has no plans to pen an official dress code for parents. In fact, district spokeswoman Tracy Clark told NBC News that the idea of school officials mandating or even recommending what parents can or cannot wear to school has sparked backlash.

And Eve Vawter, editor-in-chief of parenting blog, responded with a post dismissing the notion.

“It seems a bit nitpicky the school board wants to dictate what parents can and can’t wear, especially considering a lot of times parents are contacted to pick up their child or come to the school on an immediate basis,” Vawter told NBC News.

“If young dads are involved in their kid’s education and are going to the school for whatever reason, let’s not shoo them off for what they are wearing.”

So, to be clear, the naysayers to this proposed dress code idea say we should be content with mom and dad’s attire because at least they are showing up at school in the first place.

They say that we should instead ignore the inappropriate attire, and we should not suggest they pull those pants up or take those curlers out of their hair; or take a moment to replace that bathrobe with an actual outfit more becoming to going out in public, because that might make them choose not to be involved in their child’s education  at all.

It appears the most effective method to ignoring a real problem is distracting people from it. So some of the naysayers actually say things like, “there are bigger problems in the world today, so why focus on this?” And to those people, I just love Ms. Osgood’s response. (Watch below).

Our society needs prayer.


3 thoughts on “Seriously Parents, Must You Attend That Parent-Teacher Meeting In Hair Curlers? Saggin’ Pants? A Bathrobe? (Video)”

  1. Why are they concerned about the dress of the parents. You need to be concerned about communicating with parents as to the child’s needs and aptitude. Not policing the fashion sense of their parents.

    No wonder american schools are failures.

  2. There are many reasons American schools are failures, one of them is the fact that some parents are classless and lazy. We could list a million other reasons but it all starts at home. Blaming the school is a cop out.

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