Freaky Names on Menu And Scantily Clad Baristas Cause Controversy In Small Bay Area Town

Did you want cream with that?

*Whoever said there isn’t much going on in Clovis, California obviously doesn’t drink coffee. And if they do, I’ll bet they didn’t get it from the Bottom’s Up cafe; where  the baristas (and obviously their higher-ups) don’t believe in wearing a lot of clothes.

Dedicated to providing customers with what the company calls “the best drive-through coffee experience,” the scantily clad baristas wear bikini tops and barely-there bottoms in hopes that even if you do forget the coffee, you will at least remember them.

But the issue causing the controversy in the Fresno-adjacent town is not about the scantily-clad women, or even the coffee, its the list of drink names on the menu.

What’s in a name? According to petitioner Candice Eslick and the roughly 150 supporters of her petition, a whole lot.

With names like “Get Lai’ed,” “Screamer” and “Sex in your mouth,” Eslick and her supporters want the menu moved inside.

When she made her case to the City Council, she told them she recalled seeing young children reading the menu and taking photos next to the “half naked girls” who work there, according to The Fresno Bee.

Eslick, who lives close to the cafe, urged City Council members to “send a message to our young girls that this is not the way to do business.”

Bottom’s Up Expresso is a franchise that expanded from Washington and Oregon, to California, in 2011.  Initially in Modesto, it then moved to Clovis. The company attributes its success to a combination of “great customer service, great drinks and sexy women,” according to a statement on its website.

Bottoms Up also sells calendars featuring baristas in far less clothing.

Is it hot in here?

To read more on this steamy story, visit The Los Angeles Times.

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