WTH! Our Kids Are Smoking ‘Bed Bugs’ To Get High?

600Bed_bug,_Cimex_lectularius*Shane Watson said it made him feel like he was “walking through concrete.” He’s describing the gross, yet dangerous new trend young people have discovered to get high.

Bed bugs.

Termed by the same name on the streets, “Bed bugs” have a chemical inside of them that can’t be extracted, so users dry the bug, crush it, and then smoke or even inject it for the full effect.

“It enters the brain and it goes through certain receptors in the brain and the pleasure centers of the brain…are stimulated,” says Tom McKee. “Dopamine is released and the person gets a high from that,” he concludes. According to the ABC News report, bedbugs have a known hallucinogen that if it is smoked or injected can cause major hallucinations.

PH417, said to be “neurotoxic and dangerous,” is the chemical the bedbugs host.

According to ABC, doctors warn there is another chemical in the bug (Teperate) that shows flu-like symptoms which cause the blood level to be lowered, and the high to be reversed.

“The person is left feeling depressed, dysphoric [and] looking for the next high,” McKee adds.

The bedbugs are caught by using sugar water and a straw.

6 thoughts on “WTH! Our Kids Are Smoking ‘Bed Bugs’ To Get High?”

  1. This is some nasty and ignorant shit! Anybody who does this is a dumb ass!

  2. So now pple are going to collect these dirty a$# clinches to get high. What is this world coming to????!!!!!

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  4. I like too no who told these kids what was inside these bedbugs they should be lock up do these kids no that these bugs can destroy all your belongings dummies

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