Uber Ride Share Company Raises Prices By $1 Per Ride With Safe-Rides Fee

UberX*Uber, the San Francisco-based ride-sharing company that competes with traditional taxi companies by providing rides for lower fees and pick ups from a one-touch app on your phone, announced on Friday that their UberX fees are being raised by $1.

The charge is a $1 “Safe Rides Fee” and it is on every ride taken through its UberX service.

Uber offers several ride options, with UberX being its least expensive. The rides are conducted by nonprofessional drivers who use their own vehicles that have been vetted by Uber through background checks and vehicle inspections.

“This fee supports the increased costs associated with our continued efforts to ensure the safest platform for Uber riders and drivers,” Uber said Friday in a blog.

Uber isn’t the only ride-sharing company to introduce this kind of fee. Main rival Lyft also charges users a $1 “Trust & Safety fee” for the same purposes.

Uber’s decision to introduce its Safe Rides Fee could not come at a worse time for the company. Earlier this month, Lyft, who offers rides exclusively to people throughout Los Angeles County, announced that it was lowering prices in all of its markets by as much as 20%.

Thanks to the L.A. Times for information used in this story.


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