I Can’t Spend the Rest of My Life in Jail: Cries Gang Member Convicted of Attempted Murder (Video)

Brandon Spencer today
Brandon Spencer today


*You may find it difficult to feel sorry for a person who was caught trying to run away from an attempt to murder someone. After all, had things turned out differently, one or more people might be dead right now.

But 21-year-old Brandon Spencer begged for leniency in court anyway, where he was convicted on four counts of attempted murder for firing shots at a rival gang member at a University of Southern California campus party in 2012.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the defendant didn’t take his sentencing too well.

Shown in the video below, Spencer sobbed and pleaded for leniency in court on Friday, as Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Edmund W. Clarke Jr. sentenced him to 40 years to life in prison, following his February conviction of the shooting, which occurred at a Halloween party in 2012 -the first on the campus in decades, the Los Angeles Times reports.

In a dramatic courtroom scene, sheriff’s deputies tried to calm Spencer as he banged his head on the defense table upon hearing the news. About 50 supporters and family members sat behind him as he asked Judge Clarke for a second chance, according to the the report.

“I’m sorry for what happened but I can’t spend the rest of my life in prison,” Spencer said through tears, the Times reports. “I’m not just some gang-banger that they portrayed me as.”

Spencer had no criminal record, and he was working as a security guard. He had planned to attend college according to his attorney, John Blanchard. Later in his trial Blanchard even said there was no credible evidence that Spencer was the gunman.

But law enforcement authorities argue that after Spencer arrived at a crowded Halloween party and spotted 22-year-old rival gang member, Geno Hall, he left and returned with a gun. Upon his return, Spencer reportedly shot Hall and continued firing as Hall ran and the crowd dispersed, the Times says. Hall is reported to have shot and wounded Spencer in 2011. He was among four people injured, the report says.

A then 19-year-old Spencer had tried to run after the shooting, but was arrested in a campus parking lot, the report says. Prosecutors said during trial that Spencer deserved a stiff punishment for shooting into a crowd of people in an effort to settle a score with a rival gang member, the Times says.

During sentencing, Judge Clarke denounced gang violence, but rebuffed a request from prosecutors that Spencer be sentenced to consecutive 40-year prison terms for each of the four counts of attempted murder, which adds up to a life sentence, the Times reports. He ruled that the sentences would run concurrently, meaning Spencer could eventually be eligible for parole, the report says.

Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

12 thoughts on “I Can’t Spend the Rest of My Life in Jail: Cries Gang Member Convicted of Attempted Murder (Video)”

  1. Yeah, don’t do it.
    And keep your eye on the sparrow.
    When the going gets narrow.

  2. 40 years!!!! For shooting in a crowd where no one got hurt? With no prior criminal record? He certainly should be punished, but 40 years is beyond ridiculous. Murderers dont even get that long.

  3. It’s b/c he is black is all. And a gang member/criminal offender. Once a criminal always a criminal.

  4. IM not a bad person but I can’t spend the rest of my life in prison , that should be put up on school bords .But on the real 40 yrs killers dont get that much time in prison we have so many women killing there babies and getting less time then this this by far is not justist its a hard lesson yo learn by but needs to be reopen

  5. You don’t reward the shooter because he can’t shoot! The fact remains, he attempted to murder someone and could have potentially shot multiple people. People don’t understand why 40 years, bet you’d understand if your child was at the party to have what should have been innocent fun…wake up people, you shouldn’t have be a victim or have a family member victimized before you want to see justice!

  6. “Give me a second chance!” He shouldn’t thought about that when went to retrieve the gun, as he walked back to the party, before he removed it from concealment, that’s when he should have thought about a second chance. He’s a changed man now that he’s had TIME to think…its sad, but thank God no one was killed! For every action there’s a reaction!

  7. In my hometown, a black man raped and killed his 18 yr old stepdaughter and only got 9 years in prison. He gets released next week……

  8. Maybe they should stop and think before firing into a crowd of people. “what would the judge do…I could get 10 years, or 20 or maybe even 40”. My son could have been at that party. Sorry for his choices. Happy for the students and the neighborhood. He does have eligibility for parole in 15. He wasn’t such a baby while he was firing.

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