Judge’s Jaw Drops After Hearing Defendants Last Name

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*Especially if the name wasn’t your idea.

What if your great-grandparents came from Greece in the 1920s, changed their name from some ethnic-sounding name to “fit in” better once in America.

What if they had no reason whatsoever to suspect that one day, a name like this, would cause a real problem for their family because, well, cocaine is illegal.

Being a judge you come across a lot of strange, strange cases, no doubt; but Judge John “Jay” Hurley never thought, in a million years, he’d come across this, as he proceeded to read the name of the defendant in front of him – before doing a double-take.

“Edward Cocaine,” the judge read, before pausing, then blurting out, “What?!?!”

Yes, my name is Edward Cocaine

Hurley asked “Mr. Cocaine” what his last name was, in the event he had misunderstood.

“My last name is Cocaine,” the defendant acknowledged, as other defendants behind him dissolved into giggles. A court official confirmed: “It is on his driver’s license.”

The public defender attempted to get back to the matter at hand by asking the judge if the court would consider an “ROR,” but the dramatic pause in the air was Hurley’s, still holding an incredulous look on his face before finally asking in a video published by the South Florida Sun Sentinel:

“How many times have the police told you to step out of the car, sir, during your life?”

Cocaine responds,

“Just about every time I get pulled over,” Cocaine replied. He told the judge his great-grandparents “came over here from Greece and they changed it… That was back in like the 1920s.”

Unfortunately for the present-day Cocaine, he was charged with illegally possessing Xanax but released on his own recognizance, the Sun Sentinel reports.

Thanks to Huffington Post for information used in this article. Watch the video below.

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