Wendy Says ‘Take Several Seats’ (As in Sit Down Now!) to Mom Who Wants To Be Son’s Prom Date

Wendy and prom mother*When a female audience member told daytime talk show diva Wendy Williams that she needed to get a “do over” from her 1989 prom because her dress was wrong, and that’s why she wants her son to take her to his upcoming prom, the audience, howling at this point, couldn’t believe it.

Nor could Wendy.

Apparently Benita Gray‘s son had promised to take his mom to the prom. Thing is, he was  5-years-old then and didn’t have a girlfriend.

Both of those things have changed now. But mom still wants him to keep his promise saying, “I love my Joey love bug.”

Wendy, called the woman “ridiculous,” and in her typical no-nonsense manner, couldn’t ask the lady to sit the hell down fast enough. The outspoken talk show host gestured to the chair and said, “Take several seats,” as the bemused audience chuckled in agreement.

Watch the clip below.

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