New Vine Video Goes Viral With Young Boy Smoking What Appears To Be Marijuana

kid smoking marijuana?

*File this under stupidity.

The grio reports that a viral Vine video has captured an adult letting a toddler smoke what appears to be marijuana.

Uploaded by Vine user ChiefSmokes with the title “Wow f**ked up parents smh,” the video features a young child dressed in a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, sitting on a toilet and smoking what an adult puts in front of him.

An adult or adults can be heard laughing in the background as the toddler blows smoke out of his mouth.

Since it was posted, The Daily Dot reports the video received more than 33,000 shares on Twitter and 4,500 revines.

With users assuming the clip was NikoWavy’s original video and him receiving a severe backlash of negative responses on Vine and Twitter after the video was uploaded to Reddit, NikoWavy has deleted his repost of the Vine video.

Despite the removal, the video can still be seen on ChiefSmokes Vine page. Nevertheless, outrage over the video has resulted in social media users across the Internet demanding help to find the adults responsible for the video.

2 thoughts on “New Vine Video Goes Viral With Young Boy Smoking What Appears To Be Marijuana”

  1. I know a lady who breastfed her baby and smoked marijuana. Sometimes doing both at once.

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